Leoxsys Wireless USB Adapter Price List

Leoxsys Wireless USB Adapter Price List In India

Latest Leoxsys Wireless USB Adapter ModelsPrice
Leoxsys Wireless 11 AC 600 Mbps WiFi USB AdapterRs. 749
Leoxsys LEO-NANO150N USB AdapterRs. 229
Leoxsys LEO-AP150N USB AdapterRs. 349
Leoxsys LEO-HG150N USB AdapterRs. 379
Leoxsys LEO-HG300N USB AdapterRs. 529
Leoxsys LB4 USB AdapterRs. 349
Leoxsys LEO-NANO300N USB AdapterRs. 499
Leoxsys Wireless USB Adapters Prices 2017

Eliminate the need to hard wire your Desktop PCs or laptops to an external Wi-Fi router with a wireless USB adapter. Put an end to cluttered, messy wires with USB adapters from Leoxsys. An innovative wireless broadband solution provider, Leoxsys is committed to delivering the right products to improve and boost productivity. A few milestones by the company include launching India’s first 3G router in 2009, and India’s smallest portable 3G router. With a deep insight into the networking industry and experienced engineers, Leoxsys is the forerunner in developing innovative products that change the way how people communicate via the internet.

On this page from CompareRaja, you can check out the different USB adapters from Leoxsys in the Indian market. You can compare several products simultaneously and pick the right one that suits your requirements. Once you have selected your preferred USB adapter, you can further complete your purchase at your preferred retailer all without leaving this page.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Wireless USB Adapter from Leoxsys
  • Eliminate the need to update your old PC to a newer version
  • No messy wires that clutter your workspace
  • Connect to the internet on the go without the necessity of any additional internal hardware
  • Competitive pricing that is budget-friendly
  • Travel-friendly – Portable and fits in your laptop bag
Different Models of Leoxsys Wireless USB Adapters
  • Wi-Fi USB Adapter with Antenna – As the name implies, this adapter model has an antenna that is attached to one end of the device. It increases the coverage by three times, and the antenna is easily detachable thereby making it highly portable.
  • USB Adapter – This model makes use of either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 connectivity and looks just like a regular USB storage device. Remove it when not in use and connect easily whenever needed.
  • Nano USB Adapter – This device is similar to the USB adapter. The main difference is the size. It’s half the size of the regular USB adapter and offers minimal intrusion.
How to select the Right Wireless USB adapter from Leoxsys?

Determining your usage is crucial to help you in finding the right wireless USB adapter.
  • For home users – If you will be working within the range of your Wi-Fi router, then choose a regular Wireless Dual Band USB adapter.
  • For office users / Public Hotspots – If you connect to Wi-Fi hotspots in a public area or work in a crowded office zone with several devices, then go in for a USB adapter with an external antenna. This increases the strength of the signal received providing you with super-fast connectivity.
How can CompareRaja help you?

Finding the right wireless USB adapter requires a good understanding of the different types of models and their purpose. It’s quite confusing for a beginner. CompareRaja simplifies your shopping by providing you with a handy guide to choose the best model. You can compare the features, technical specifications and price to arrive at the perfect model that fits your requirements as well as your budget. Complete your purchase at your preferred retailer with a single click from this page.