Edimax Wireless USB Adapter Price List

Edimax Wireless USB Adapter Price List In India

Latest Edimax Wireless USB Adapter ModelsPrice
Edimax EW-7722UTN Wireless N Mini USB AdapterRs. 4,886
Edimax EW-7811Un USB AdapterRs. 615
Edimax EW-7612UAn V2 USB AdapterRs. 1,299
Edimax EW-7811UAn USB AdapterRs. 599
Edimax Wireless USB Adapter Prices 2017

Your desktop PC or laptop doesn’t have integrated wireless connectivity? Worry not, with an Edimax wireless USB adapter; you can connect your device to a wireless network within minutes. All you have to do is plug in the adapter in any of the available USB ports, scan for your home network, enter the network security key if you have one and you’re all set to go. Edimax, one of the world’s most trusted computer peripherals makers, has a broad range of wireless USB adapters to suit different devices. The Taiwanese tech-giant has captured a huge audience all over the world with their wide range of innovative products, impressive customer service and commitment to quality.

On this page, you can compare several models of wireless USB adapter from Edimax. Check out their specifications, features, and price. Short list a few models and compare them simultaneously with the help of an easy-to-comprehend comparison chart. Once you have decided on the right type, you can complete your purchase at your preferred retailer all without leaving this page. Enjoy the best shopping experience and put an end to fruitless searches with CompareRaja.

5 Reasons why Buying an Edimax Wireless USB Adapter is a Smart Choice
  • Different models to suit various requirements
  • Small size makes it highly portable
  • Compact design ensures minimum intrusion
  • Pocket-friendly pricing to fit all budgets
  • Extensive customer support and tech guidance
Main types of Wireless Adapters from Edimax

Let’s take a look at the different models of wireless adapters from Edimax.
  • AC 1750 Dual Band – This adapter is the latest from Edimax. It has a foldable antenna, which you can close, when not in use. Also, the antenna can be rotated 180° to provide the best connectivity and to eliminate dead spots.
  • AC 1200 Dual Band – With USB 3.0 connectivity and a dual-band frequency of 2.5 GHz or 5 GHz, it offers super-fast connectivity. The foldable antenna ensures broad coverage and is compatible both with Windows 8 and Mac OS.
  • AC 600 Dual Band – This adapter is smaller when compared to the previously mentioned models. It offers maximum Wi-Fi speeds of 150 Mbps on a 2.4 GHz channel and 433 Mbps on a 5 GHz channel.
  • AC 450 Dual Band – This adapter has a sleek, design that makes it easy to use. The small design ensures that it doesn’t hinder other ports on your laptop.
  • N300 – This adapter has a single frequency channel and has a maximum transmission speed of 300 Mbps.
  • N150 – This is similar to the N300, the only difference is the rate of transmission. This adapter has a maximum transfer rate of 150 Mbps.
How to choose the Right Model?

Finding the right models of USB adapter from Edimax requires a bit of thought and planning. To start off, you have to determine your intended usage and speed requirements. Once you figure this, you can select the right model using the following guide.
  • For laptop users – If you’re a laptop user, then opt for the AC 450 Dual Band adapter or N300/N150 adapter. The small, sleek design ensures that even when you connect the adapter to your notebook, you can use the neighboring ports without any hindrance.
  • For Home PCs – If you’re a desktop user, then opt for AC 1200 or AC 600 Dual Band Adapters to experience fast speeds and to ensure higher coverage.
  • For office usage – If you’ll be using the adapter to connect to a crowded network, then opt for the AC 1750 Dual band adapter to experience lightning-fast speeds.
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