D-Link Wireless USB Adapter Price List

D-Link Wireless USB Adapter Price List In India

Latest D-Link Wireless USB Adapter ModelsPrice
D-Link N 150 Wireless USB AdapterRs. 2,250
D-Link DWA-160 Wireless USB AdapterRs. 2,395
D-Link DWA-131 Wireless N Nano USB AdapterRs. 749
D-Link DWA-123 Wireless N 150 USB AdapterRs. 650
D-Link DWA-171 Wireless AC Dual Band USB AdapterRs. 1,349
D-Link DWA-121 Wireless N 150 Pico USB AdapterRs. 599
D-Link DWA-182 Wireless AC Dual Band USB AdapterRs. 1,823
D-Link Wireless USB Adapter Prices 2017

Most of the latest desktops and laptops have inbuilt wireless technology which makes it easy to connect to any Wi-Fi network. However, that isn’t the case with older machines. If you want to make your old desktop PC or laptop compatible with the latest Wi-Fi technologies, then all you need is a wireless USB adapter. This handy device converts your machine to Wi-Fi friendly within seconds. The Taiwanese tech firm, D-Link is one of the leading makers of network devices and offers award winning products and services for both home users and businesses.

On this page, you can check out several models of Wireless USB adapters. Compare their features, specifications, and price and pick the right model that fits your requirements. You can add up to four different models simultaneously and compare them using an easy-to-use table.

5 Reasons to Choose a D-Link Wireless USB Adapter
  • All products from D-Link are ISO compliant
  • Extended coverage with few dead spots
  • Dual band technology for faster speeds
  • Compact design that fits on your device with minimal intrusion
  • Affordable pricing when compared to other products in the market
Different Types of Wireless USB Adapter from D-Link
  • D-Link Wireless USB Adapter – This device has an integrated antenna and has a maximum transmission speed of 150 Mbps. It makes use of USB 2.0 connection.
  • D-Link Wireless Nano USB Adapter – With a maximum transmission rate of 300 Mbps, this device provides super fast internet connectivity.
  • D-Link Wireless AC Dual-band USB Adapter – This adapter has an in-built antenna which offers maximum coverage even at corners of your workplace or at home.
  • D-Link Wireless Pico USB Adapter – A tiny device with just the USB 2.0 bus. You can easily mount it on any device without any intrusion to your regular work.
How to choose the right D-Link Wireless USB Adapter?

To find the right wireless adapter that suits your requirements, you have to first decide on your usage.
  • For home consumers – If you’ll be primarily connecting to your home wifi network, with your laptop or desktop located quite close to the wireless router, then you can choose either the nano or pico USB adapters. These small devices are handy and are minimally intrusive.
  • For office usage or at crowded public wifi spots – If you’ll be using your device at any crowded zone like an office or public hotspots, then you require a device that offers secure connectivity and super fast speeds. You can choose the Dual band wireless USB adapter that has high-speeds of 500 Mbps.
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