Belkin Wireless USB Adapter Price List

Belkin Wireless USB Adapter Price List In India

Latest Belkin Wireless USB Adapter ModelsPrice
BELKIN 4 PORT HUB USB AdapterRs. 595
Belkin F5D8055 USB AdapterRs. 36,027
Belkin F9L1002 N300 Wireless USB AdapterRs. 1,326
Belkin F9L1101 N600 Wireless Dual Band USB AdapterRs. 4,057
Belkin F7D4101 Wireless USB AdapterRs. 6,059
Belkin F9L1103 N750 Wireless Dual Band USB AdapterRs. 7,514
Belkin Wireless USB Adapter Prices 2017

Founded in 1939 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Belkin is a leading manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics with particular emphasis on connectivity devices. The company’s broad range of product lines includes routers, network switches, surge protectors, mobile computing accessories and a wide variety of other peripheral devices. It’s no wonder that the wireless USB adapters from Belkin are considered one of the best ways to connect your desktop PCs or laptops to your wireless home network without the need for any wires.

On this page, you can compare several different models of wireless USB adapters from Belkin based on their features, specifications, and price. Compare up to four different models simultaneously and pick the one that suits your requirements perfectly. CompareRaja not only helps you in finding the right model but also ensures that you find the best price for it in the market.

5 Reasons why a Belkin Wireless USB Adapter is a smart investment
  • Every Belkin product comes with warranty, free updates, and extensive support when you register it at the site
  • Optimized power efficiency meaning your devices won't drain when you connect a wireless USB adapter for extended periods
  • Share a high-speed internet home network with all the devices at your home
  • With high-speed connectivity, you can simultaneously play games, chat with your friends, check your emails and download your favorite media
  • Spare the expense and hassle of fitting Ethernet cable all over your house or office
Different models of Wireless USB Adapters from Belkin
  • Wireless USB Adapter – This adapter makes use of USB 2.0 connectivity and is compatible with both desktops and laptops. It has a maximum transmission rate of 300 Mbps.
  • Wireless Dual-Band USB Adapter – This is similar to the wireless USB adapter. However, it has faster speeds since it makes use of a dual band for connectivity. The maximum transmission rate is 300 Mbps with a frequency of 500 GHz.
  • 4-Port Hub USB Adapter – As the name suggests, this device has 4 USB 2.0 ports. You can attach this to your desktop or laptop and not only connect to your home wireless network, but also make use of the other ports for connecting other peripheral devices.
How to choose the Right Belkin Wireless USB Adapter?

Finding the right Belking Wireless USB adapter requires a bit of thought and expertise. Start off, by determining your intended usage.
  • For home users – If there are just a handful of users who connect to your home network, then you can choose the wireless USB adapter.
  • For office usage – If you’ll be connecting your laptop to a crowded wireless network, then opt for the dual band wireless USB adapter to experience super-fast connectivity.
  • For additional USB ports – If you need additional ports to connect your gaming and other peripheral devices, then choose the 4-Port Hub USB adapter from Belkin.
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