Whirlpool Water Purifier Price List

Whirlpool needs no introduction in the world of home electronics. From the stables of Whirlpool, comes a range of latest water purifiers that ensure that the water you drink is safe and pure. With a Whirlpool water purifier installed in your house, you can put an end to all your worries about water contaminants and pathogens. Some of the revolutionary features from the house of Whirlpool are 9-stage Purification, Mineral Enrichment system, Micro-block protection to prevent the growth of microbes, Electro Adsorption Technology – that gives you the power of four filters in one and Large membranes to meet the needs of bigger households. The two major types are EAT and RO+MES purifiers. Browse through the key specifications and features of 10+ products to find the right one that suits your needs. Simplify your decision making with the help of the in-depth images and updated Whirlpool Water Purifier Price list.

Whirlpool Water Purifier Price List In India

Latest Whirlpool Water Purifier ModelsPrice
Whirlpool Minerala Platinum Plus 10 L RO UF MES Water PurifierRs. 13,450
Whirlpool Minerala Ultra 10 Litre RO UV UF MES Water PurifierRs. 14,700
Whirlpool Puratron Water PurifierRs. 6,490
Whirlpool Puragenius 6L Water PurifierRs. 3,900
Whirlpool Minerala 90 Classic 8.5L Water PurifierRs. 9,990
Whirlpool Classic 65 RO 6.5 Litre Water PurifierRs. 10,000
Whirlpool Minerala 90 Elite 8.5 L RO Water PurifierRs. 10,851
Whirlpool Destroyer 6 L Water PurifierRs. 2,249
Whirlpool Purafresh 6 Litre RO Water PurifierRs. 14,500
Whirlpool Minerala 90 Platinum RO Water PurifierRs. 11,400
Whirlpool Water Purifier Prices 2018

Founded in the year 1911, Whirlpool is an electronics appliances brand that needs no introduction. Headquartered in the United States, the company offers a number of home appliances for domestic and commercial use. The water purifiers offered by the brand use the best in purification technology to ensure enhanced purification and complete protection from the impurities in water. 

While you have selected Whirlpool as your brand of choice for the water purifier, selecting a particular model offered by the brand might not be that simple. This Whirlpool Water Purifier page on CompareRaja will help you select the right Whirlpool water purifier as per your needs. You can use filters, like Type, Price, User Ratings and Purification Technology and can also use the side-by-side comparison feature to eliminate the confusion and pick the right purifier. 

5 Reasons to Buy Whirlpool Water Purifier
  • Advanced technologies employed like EAT and MES.
  • Wide Range of options to choose from to suit every budget and use
  • One of the few out there that come with WQA Gold Seal
  • One o f the biggest names in the consumer durables industry.
  • Known for their after sales support.
Types of Water Purifiers by Whirlpool
  • RO Water Purifiers- The RO water purifiers from Whirlpool come with higher storage and large RO membrane to ensure enhanced convenience. These purifiers also replenish the water with natural minerals after the purification process.The models in this category include Minerala 90 Platinum, Minerala 90 Classic and Under the Sink (UTS) purifiers. 
  • EAT Water Purifiers- The EAT range of water purifiers from Whirlpool come with the advanced 5-stage filtration technology along with external pre-filter to offer enhanced purification. They are equipped with Electro Adsorption Technology for enhanced purity. The EAT filter ensures you get clean and filtered water. The purifiers in this category are PuraFirst and Destroyer. 
Buying the Right Whirlpool Water Purifier

When buying a Whirlpool water filter, make sure that you consider the factors mentioned below-
  • Amount of TDS- One of the most important considerations when selecting a Whirlpool water purifier is the amount of TDS (Total Dissolved Salt) in water. It is generally recommended that you should prefer an RO water purifier if the TDS is less than 500 PPM and an EAT water purifier is TDS is less than 500 PPM.
  • Storage or No-Storage- Whirlpool offers water purifiers with storage as well as without storage. The purifiers with storage filter the water and store it in their tanks. The ones that do not feature a storage tank require you to directly fill the bottles or glass from the purifier. 
  • Price- Also, consider the price of the water purifier you are planning to buy. While non-electric EAT purifiers are reasonably priced, you can for an advanced RO purifier if you are looking for enhanced purification and live in an area, where the supplied water contains a higher amount of TDS. 
Buying Whirlpool Water Purifiers with CompareRaja

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