Livpure Water Purifier Price List

If you’re looking for a premium water purifier with an extensive service network, then Livpure is the way to go. A part of the renowned SAR Group, Livpure is one of the leaders in water purifiers. Some of the benefits of opting for a Livpure water purifier are meticulously tested devices that offer the best performance, pan India network with presence in 1250+ locations across the country, and environmentally sustainable products. The major types of water purifiers from Livpure include RO purifiers, UV purifiers, Gravity water purifiers (that use activated carbon) and commercial water purifiers. Use the Livpure water purifier price list to browse through 15+ products available at 10+ leading retailers. Check the features and specifications to pick the right purifier that suits the water quality in your residential area. The accompanying images help you gain a better idea before you complete the purchase.

Livpure Water Purifier Price List In India

Latest Livpure Water Purifier ModelsPrice
Livpure Giltz Plus 7 L RO UF Water PurifierRs. 7,800
Livpure Pep Pro 7 L RO UF Water PurifierRs. 7,199
Livpure Touch UV Water PurifierRs. 14,999
Livpure Fit 17 Litres Water PurifierRs. 1,698
Livpure Pep Pro++ 7 L RO UV UF Water PurifierRs. 9,999
Livpure Smart Touch 8.5 L RO UV UF Water PurifierRs. 16,650
Livpure Envy Neo 8 L RO UV Water PurifierRs. 11,890
Livpure Eco Touch 2000 8.5 L RO UV Water PurifierRs. 13,549
Livpure Pep Star 7 L RO UV UF Water PurifierRs. 12,184
Livpure GLO 7 L RO UV Water PurifierRs. 9,599
Livpure Water Purifier Prices 2017

Livpure is one of the most popular water purifier manufacturers in India. The company offers an extensive range of water purifiers for domestic and commercial use. The company is well-known for setting new benchmarks in the water manufacturing technologies and has multiple state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities where they research, refine and develop world-class products. 

If you are looking to buy a Livpure water purifier but are confused with the available choices, this page will help you make the right decision. With filters like Type, User Ratings, Purification Technology and Price, you can easily narrow down the available options and can then use the side-by-side comparison feature to select the best one according to your needs and budget. 

5 Reasons to Buy Livpure Water Purifier
  • Advanced water purification technologies
  • Every product is thoroughly tested at quality control labs
  • World-class manufacturing facilities
  • Wide range of options to choose from
  • Products for domestic as well as commercial use
Types of Water Purifier by Livpure

Livpure offers an extensive range of products to suit the different water purification needs of the consumers. Some of the most popular options offered by the company include-
  • Gravity Purifiers- These are non-electric filters which use osmosis to filter the water. They feature a 5-stage purification process and their RO is equipped with a germ guard to effectively eliminate the impurities from the water. 
  • UV Purifier- If you are looking for an effective and elegant water purifier for a modern kitchen, a UV Purifier from Livpure can be an excellent choice. These filters feature 4-stage purification (UV+UF) and come with a host of features, like e-monitoring, power saver technology, and a lot more. 
  • RO Purifier- These filters use a Reverse Osmosis process for eliminating the impurities from the water. They feature a semi-permeable membrane for effectively removing the impurities. Some of the features of RO purifiers from Livpure are 8-stage purification, multiple water dispensing options and filter change indication system.
  • Commercial RO – When you want water purification at high-speeds this is the range to go for. These purifiers can churn out up to 25 litres of purified water per hour, and some also give out cold purified water. Idle for commercial establishments and offices.
Buying the Right Livpure Water Purifier

Some of the factors that can help you make the right decision are-
  • Quality of Water- If you live in an area where water is hard or heavily salinated, an RO water purifier from Livpure can be an excellent choice for you. Due to the type of filters used in these purifiers, they are able to effectively eliminate the smallest of impurities.
  • Storage- There are several purifiers with storage capacity. They purify the water and store it in their storage tank to ensure that you do not have to wait for the bottle or glass to fill up. They generally have an auto power cut feature which turns off the purifier as soon as the storage tank is filled. 
  • Capacity and Water Pressure- RO and UV purifiers generally require high water pressure to function optimally. If you do not have a facility to supply water to the purifier at an adequate pressure, it is better to go for a Gravity purifier. 
  • Electricity- RO and UV purifiers need electricity to operate. If you are looking for a power-efficient purification solution, a Gravity filter can be a great choice. 
  • Installation Space: Another factor to keep in mind is the installation space you have. There are three types of purifiers to choose from according to installation type: 
a.  Table Top: These are one-unit purifiers that look elegant and can be placed on the worktop.
b.  Wall Mount: These can be mounted on the wall and ensure that the worktop is free. 
c.  Under the Sink: These usually comprise of two components; water purifier and storage tank. They can be put under the sink and are great for kitchens with lesser space. 

If you do not have budget constraints and have ample space, Table Top models look elegant and come with many features for the ease of users. If space is a constraint, go for wall mounted or under the sink models. 

Comparing Livpure Water Purifiers with CompareRaja

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