Kent Water Purifier Price List

Started in 1999, in Noida, Kent RO Systems has evolved as a market leader in healthcare products in India. With a range of premium quality products and an efficient service network, Kent is trusted by millions of Indian consumers all across the country. Kent has an array of Water purifiers to meet the diverse requirements of Indian homes. Some of the popular technologies found in a Kent water purifier are RO, UV, UF (Gravity Purifiers) and combinations of these filtration technologies. You can also choose between non-electric and electric filters, in-line and off-line filters based on your usage needs. Check the key specifications and features to pick the right model that works for you. The latest price list of Kent Water purifiers features 30+ models with their current prices and availability across 10+ leading retailers. Click on the accompanying images to take a closer look at your preferred models.

Kent Water Purifier Price List In India

Latest Kent Water Purifier ModelsPrice
Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher 3.5 LRs. 1,850
Kent Grand 8 Litre RO UV UF Water PurifierRs. 12,929
Kent Wonder Plus 7 L RO UF Water PurifierRs. 13,489
Kent Ozone 11031 Wall Mounted Vegetable PurifierRs. 5,494
Kent Ultra Storage 7 L UV UF Water PurifierRs. 6,999
Kent GEM Dual Purpose RO Water PurifierRs. 17,999
Kent Superb 9 L RO UV UF Water PurifierRs. 21,789
Kent IN LINE GOLD 7 L UF Water PurifierRs. 3,890
Kent Diaphragm Pump 100 15 L RO Water PurifierRs. 2,399
Kent Pristine 8 Litre RO UV UF Water PurifierRs. 15,000
Kent Water Purifier

Water is the essence of life, but it can prove to be dangerous if you don’t have a way to purify it. Kent water purifier comes with the patented mineral and RO technology to remove impurities and retain the valuable minerals present in the water. It protects your family from water-borne diseases. The company is the pioneer in bringing Reverse Osmosis technology to India. Since its inception in1999, the company has evolved to become the market leader in supplying technologically advanced health care products.

The next few lines will act as your pocket guide on why to purchase Kent purifier or what makes it the leader of the pack. With our filter system, you can find out the advanced features that you desire, the price at which you are comfortable with and reviews.

5 reasons why to buy:
  1. Premium quality products with large sales and service networks
  2. The company has been awarded and certified as the supplier of the safest water purifier systems.
  3. It is trusted by millions of people
  4. The products offered by Kent are best suited for domestic purpose and for purification of brackish water.
  5. It comes with different water handling capacity to make storage a hassle free process.
Different variants:

Kent is ISO 9001:2008 certified 21st century company that stands forefront in innovation. The company is the best guardian of your family’s health.

RO water purifiers- Kent RO water purifier is based on the patented Mineral RO technology that uses double stage purification process to combine RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV (Ultra violet) in a multistate filtration process. Kent Grand, Kent Superb, Kent Pearl are the best example of it.

UV water purifier- Kent UV water purifier uses UV technology to remove viruses and bacteria, thus making the water safe for the consumption. This purifier comes along with the storage tank. Kent Maxx, Kent Ultra, Kent Ultra storage are ideal examples of that.

Gravity water purifier- They are non-electric based water purifier designed to provide you with clean and safe drinking water free from cyst and bacteria. The bestselling gravity purifiers are Kent Gold, Kent Gold+, Kent Gold Optima.

Water softeners- They remove the calcium present in the water by exchanging it with sodium. The water softeners are ideal for washing machines, geysers and dishwashers. The best example of them is Kent Autosoft, Kent Mini.

Buying guide:

Today, we are enveloped with enormous of water purification companies, but how to select the one that caters our requirements is always a serious question.
  • Check the quality of water supply- You can either give it to water purifier sales personnel or for water analysis in a water testing laboratory. This will determine the level of hardness in the water. If the tests show a result of 400 or above then its best to opt for an RO+UV water purifier. It not only removes the dissolved sediments but also changes the taste of water to make it more palatable.
  • UF technology – Ultrafltration (UF) is a membrane based filter used to eliminate particulates and macromolecules. This step transforms raw water to potable water. If you need to use tap water or water with low TDS then UF will be a good option.
  • Inlet pressure pump – By adding a pump to the inlet water supply, you ensure that the pressure coming to the system is enhanced and the purification process is executed as per expectation. Make sure that the manufacturer supplies these pumps if your area’s water supply pressure is low.   

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