Kent Water Purifier Price List

Kent Water Purifier Price List In India

Latest Kent Water Purifier ModelsPrice
Kent Wonder Plus 7 L RO UF Water PurifierRs. 11,403
Kent Ozone 11031 Wall Mounted Vegetable PurifierRs. 5,306
Kent GEM Dual Purpose RO Water PurifierRs. 16,490
Kent Superb 9 L RO UV UF Water PurifierRs. 24,399
Kent IN LINE GOLD 7 L UF Water PurifierRs. 3,900
Kent Gold Smart 7 L UF Water PurifierRs. 4,150
Kent Diaphragm Pump 100 15 L RO Water PurifierRs. 2,200
Kent Pristine 8 Litre RO UV UF Water PurifierRs. 16,299
Kent Super Star RO UV Mineral RO Water PurifierRs. 13,690
Kent Ace Plus Mineral RO Water PurifierRs. 12,599

Kent Purifier

Kent is one of the most famous purifier brands in India. They provide a range of water purifiers, air purifiers, water softeners, vegetable purifiers, and bed cleaner and pressed juicer to help you lead towards a healthier life. Kent is on a mission of making India healthier. Often people fall sick due to consumption of dirty water. Unlike conventional RO water purifiers based on single stage purification technologies, KENT cleans water through a double purification process of RO + UF/UV. The double purification process removes harmful dissolved impurities including Arsenic, Fluoride, Pesticides, Lead, and other heavy metals. One distinct advantage which sets KENT RO purifiers apart from conventional RO purifiers is its ability to retain essential natural minerals in purified water.

With the rise of air pollution, the necessity of clean breathing air can no longer be ignored. Air purifiers by KENT effectively removes 99.9% of pollutants like dust, pet hair, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, cooking and paint fumes, bacteria, virus and other pollutants commonly found in homes and offices. Washing vegetables and fruits with water does not remove pesticides and other harmful chemicals from their surface. KENT Ozone Vegetable & Fruit Purifier uses exceptionally powerful Ozone technology to easily remove impurities from the surface of Vegetables and fruits.

Traditional methods of cleaning your house can throw dust back into the air which gets reabsorbed into beds, pillows, curtains and blankets. And can also cause breathing related issues. Kent Vacuum Cleaners designed using revolutionary Cyclonic Technology, HEPA filters & UV light disinfection system eliminate Bacteria, Viruses and Dust mites from your room thus ensuring a clean and healthy environment for you and your family.