Fastrack Watch Price List

Fastrack Watch Price List In India

Latest Fastrack Watch ModelsPrice
Fastrack 68001PP01J Digital WatchRs. 878
Fastrack 68001PP02J Digital WatchRs. 878
Fastrack 68002PP02 Digital WatchRs. 1,747
Fastrack Sports 38005PP03J Analog WatchRs. 1,982
Fastrack 3116PP03 Analog WatchRs. 845
Fastrack 38018PP02CJ Analog WatchRs. 950
Fastrack 3112SM01 Analog WatchRs. 2,845
Fastrack 38019PP02J Analog WatchRs. 756
Fastrack Beach NG3039SL06C Analog WatchRs. 1,309
Fastrack 38011PP02 Digital WatchRs. 1,107


Fastrack is a subsidiary company of Titan watches. The brand was launched in 1998 and became a separate entity in 2005 targeting the urban youth. With a vision to become a complete fashion brand for the youth, Fastrack quickly extended its footprint from watches to sunglasses in 2005 & then Bags, Belts & Wallets in 2009. They opened their first store in Pune soon after they opened more than 150 stores in 79 major cities in the country. Titan is a classy brand. It is known to Indians for more than 30 years. It is also known as a brand where one can find a watch well under their budget and liking. Keeping the same motto in mind, Fastrack is attracting urban youth. All their accessories have fresh colour combinations and will suit the free soul’s catchy style.

Fast track means a route or method which provides for more rapid results than usual. It simply means to accelerate the process of progress. ‘Move on’ is the brand’s motto which also suggests to not to get stuck up at one place and move towards success rapidly. It is a brand that will bring the breeze of freshness in your monochromatic routine. Fastrack has a huge collection of watches, bags, eyewear, belts, wallets and helmets for men and women and along with it they have a unisex collection.

For all their products they have variety of collections to choose from. In watches they have tribe collection. These watches are inspired from the tribal colours and patterns. Explorer collection has steady, dust proof, waterproof watches which can be worn while performing adventure sports. In glares they have wanderer’s collection for the people who loves riding and explore new territories. Travellers collection has eye-catching and anti-glare eye gears to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Their Springers collection has quirky colours and unique style to go with your quirkiness.