Watch Price List

Watch Price List

Latest WatchesPrice
Invicta Angel 21762 Analog WatchRs. 15,299
Invicta Angel 21764 Analog WatchRs. 15,299
Invicta Angel 21766 Analog WatchRs. 15,299
Invicta Wildflower 21761 Analog WatchRs. 12,239
Invicta Specialty 13973 Analog WatchRs. 18,404
Invicta Specialty 17444 Analog WatchRs. 24,614
Invicta Specialty 19697 Analog WatchRs. 18,404
Invicta Angel 17487 Analog WatchRs. 15,299
Invicta Angel 17488 Analog WatchRs. 15,299
Invicta Wildflower 17061 Analog WatchRs. 30,779

List of Watch Brands

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Watches are one of the most important utility devices that almost everyone uses to keep up to date with time. The watches are not only a functional device but are also considered to be a cool fashion accessory. Today, everyone be it working professional, a college student, irrespective of their age and sex, love to sport a watch; it completes their looks. The watches or more commonly called as wrist watches come in a huge variety of designs, shapes and forms. Right from the traditional analog watches to the modern day digital watches, the designing and technology of the watches have come a long way.

Best features of watches

One of the best features of the watches is undoubtedly its ability to show you the accurate timing. It allows you to plan your work as well as keep track of your daily activities. Lastly, it always keeps you on toes with regards to deadlines. Usually, the wrist watches are quite lightweight and it adds to that extra bit of glam to your fashionable looks. Today, several people have a collection of at least 3-4 watches in their closet in different styles so that they can choose the best one to complement their dress and the occasion they are stepping out for. It is good to have a nice formal, sporty and causal watch so that you never go wrong with your accessory.

Latest trends in watches

When everything has become digital, the watches has not stayed far behind; the modern day smart watches have become the order of the day. The smart watches not only tell you the time but also does a whole lot of other jobs for you like helping you keep track of the number of footsteps you have taken in a day, know the heart and pulse rates, take calls, provide notifications of mails and messages right off your wrists. You can sync your smartwatch with your smartphone and be sure that you never miss any important event or meeting as it would provide you prompt reminders too. The shock and water proof features ensure that your watches remain safe even with rough usage or accidental falls in the water.

Leading Brands offering watches

There is a huge variety of options in the watches segment right from the premium and the luxury brands like the Rado, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Apple, Samsung and more to the more affordable brands like Casio, Timex, Titan, Sony, Sonata, Motorola, Intex and others.

What to look for before buying watches?

The first and foremost thing to consider while buying watches is the features; you need to decide whether you want a basic and simple watch or do you need a smartwatch that has accelerometer, chronograph, sleep monitoring features etc. Next, choose the right type, depending on your daily usage and your profession, you need to choose between a formal watch and a sporty watch that best suits your lifestyle. Brand plays an important factor; if you are brand conscious go for the brand that you like the most, or if you are not too finicky about the brand you would have a plenty of options to choose from, you can choose the one that looks attractive as well as has an affordable price tag.

Why compare with CompareRaja

Now that you know which watch to buy, we would advise you to compare the prices and features of the watches online before you make a buying decision. CompareRaja is the one of the most reliable comparison platforms that provides the most updated and genuine information about the prices of the product you wish to buy at different online stores. The site also lets you do a side by side comparison so that you can make an informed purchase decision. Excited already? Compare and get the best watch at best price NOW!