Haier Washing Machine Price List

Irrespective of whether you do your laundry once in a week or every other day, a Haier washing machine is the perfect fit for your home. Available in a wide range of capacities ranging from 6KG to 8KG, you can find one that matches the requirements of your family. Haier strikes the right balance between design and performance, giving you the best in both departments. With several innovative features like the world’s first double drum washing machines, inverter technology, one-touch LED screen digital display, muscular drum, self-cleaning technology, a Haier washing machine is sure to ease your laundry burden. Take a look at the updated Price list of Haier washing machines that features 30+ models from 10+ retailers. Check out the key specifications and features to find the right machine for you. The accompanying in-depth images help you pick your preferred colour and style.

Haier Washing Machine Price List In India

Latest Haier Washing Machine ModelsPrice
Haier HW80-BD12756NZP 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing MachineRs. 36,999
Haier HWM78-789NZP 7.8 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineRs. 21,999
Haier HTW65-113S 6.5 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineRs. 8,799
Haier HTW80-1128 8 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineRs. 11,499
Haier HTW80-185V 7.8 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineRs. 12,249
Haier HTW65-113D 6.5 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineRs. 9,490
Haier HTW80-186VA 8 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineRs. 12,949
Haier HTW80-186V 8 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineRs. 12,890
Haier HTW72-187S 7.2 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineRs. 8,999
Haier HWM75-707NZP 7.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineRs. 17,999
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Thanks to the increasing demand of washing machines in every household, the choices available have multiplied manifolds. With 100s of brands in existence and 1000s of models up for grabs, things seem to be quite overwhelming, especially when all brands claim to be the best. 

While most of the brands seem to be busy crafting an attractive advertisement to sell their products, a few brands thrive towards offering you exactly what you are looking for, and one such brand is Haier, best known for its acclaimed line-up of washing machines. 

About Haier:
Haier ranked number one among household appliance brands, topping the list of 500 most valuable Chinese brands of 2016. Since its inception, the company has consistently been making efforts to adapt to the changes in times by implementing the latest technology in its products. Haier focuses more on how to integrate with its customers than merely manufacturing products that offer inefficient performance.

Benchmark Features of Haier Washing Machines:
The most crucial factor to be taken into consideration when buying a washing machine is power consumption. There is no point in buying a stylish, glossy machine that largely adds up to your existing electricity bill. Haier, unlike other brands, manufactures feature-packed washing machine models that are meant to consume the least amount of power while offering uncompromised performance. 

Here are some its major features:

Homocentric Drum:
Most of the Haier washing machine models comprise of a homocentric drum that helps save around 30% water compared to conventional washers.
Anti-Bacterial Technology:
Anti-bacterial technology prevents the growth of bacteria after every wash cycle. As a result, your clothes are clean and germ-free.
Child Lock:
This feature falls handy, especially when you have toddlers running around. The dedicated lock is meant to avoid accidents.
Air Dry System:
After every wash, set this feature depending on your requirement from 30 to 90 minutes and your clothes will dry quickly.

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