Philips Video Player Price List

Philips Video Player Price List In India

Latest Philips Video Player ModelsPrice
Philips DVP 2618 DVD PlayerRs. 2,485
Philips DVP 3618 94 Video PlayerRs. 3,690
Philips BDP-2190 Blu-Ray Disc/ DVD PlayerRs. 7,585
Philips BDP 2100/94 Blu-Ray PlayerRs. 23,833
Philips Video Players Prices 2017

Even though people now stream videos directly to their Smartphones or tablets, Video players are still a faithful companion for movie nights at many homes. The ease of popping in the latest DVD or Blu-ray disk, while lounging on the couch with snacks is unbeaten.

When it comes to media players, Philips reigns supreme. The Dutch company is a household name for consumer electronics for decades. With a focus on the end user experience and innovative technology well ahead of its competitors, Philips has garnered an enormous loyal fan base in several countries all over the world.

On this page, you can browse through the several models of Philips media players and then compare them. You can further refine your search based on the features, price, specification and the type of media player and locate the model you’re looking for quite easily. Not just that, you can also find the best price of your selected model on leading e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and others.

Top 5 Reasons why Philips is Numero Uno for Media Players
  • Versatile Products to suit every budget
  • Smoother and clearer picture colors
  • Easy to set-up and operate
  • Excellent customer service in the case of repairs or replacements
  • Years of worry-free entertainment
Types of Video Players from Philips

When it comes to video players, Philips has an impressive line-up of products designed with the latest innovation and technology. Have a look at the different types of media players the company has to offer:

i. Blu-ray Player – They offer the ability to watch movies in high definition. There are two major types 2D and 3D Blu-ray players. They can also play DVDs which is an added benefit for watching older movies that are on DVD.

ii. DVD Player – DVD players from Philips, offer you great entertainment experience. They play DVDs, and some players are also compatible with older CDs.

iii. Media Player – Enjoy music, videos from the internet or your PC directly on your TV with the help of Philips Media player. There is no need for file conversions to make your media compatible with your TV.

iv. Portable DVD Player – You can now enjoy movies, music, and videos anywhere anytime with the help of portable DVD Players. They come with a 17.8 cm LCD with a 3-hour playback. Built in stereo speakers eliminates the need for external speakers. USB connection helps to watch your entertainment directly from the USB drive.

How to Choose the Right Video Player from Philips?

With a huge range of products, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. With this handy guide, you can find the video player that is perfect for your usage.

i. Families – If you often spend weekends catching up a movie with the kids, then choose Blu-Ray Players. With 3D/2D, crystal clear pictures and High-Definition, this one takes your home theater experience to the next level.

ii. On a Budget – If you watch movies once in a while and are looking to find a quality video player that fits your budget, then choose a DVD player.

iii. Smart Homes – For homes equipped with connected devices, which interact with each other, you must choose a media player that can stream movies directly from the internet and play it directly on your smart TV.

iv. On the Go – If you catch up on your entertainment while on the go, then portable media players work best for you.

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