Bike and Car Tyre Price List

  • MRF Zapper C Tube Tyre Price
    MRF Zapper C Tube Tyre
    from Rs. 1,608 (1 stores)
    14 Ratings

    • Suitable For: On Roads
    • Type: Car Tyres
    • Material: Rubber
    • Vehicle Model Name: Disc...
  • CEAT Gripp Tube Tyre Price
    CEAT Gripp Tube Tyre
    from Rs. 1,350 (2 stores)
    50 Ratings

    • Suitable For: On Roads
    • Type: Bike Tyres
    • Material: Rubber
    • Vehicle Model Name: Dual...
  • CEAT 17 Tube Less Tyre Price
    CEAT 17 Tube Less Tyre
    from Rs. 1,550 (1 stores)
    19 Ratings

    • Suitable For: On Roads
    • Type: Bike Tyres
    • Material: Rubber
    • Vehicle Model Name: Puls...

Tyre Price List

Latest TyresPrice
Continental ContiComfortContact 5 175 70R14 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,650
Michelin CITY PRO Tube Less TyreRs. 1,925
Pirelli P1 Cinturato 195 60 R15 88 V TyreRs. 4,800
Continental ContiComfortContact 5 145 80R13 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 3,355
Continental Conticomfort contact CC5 165 80 R14 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 3,865
Apollo Amazer 4G Life 205 65 R15 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 5,090
Continental ContiComfortContact 175 65R15 5 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 5,290
Continental ContiComfortContact 145 70R13 5 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 3,100
Continental ContiMaxContact 5 195 60R15 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 5,815
Goodyear Dura Plus 185 70R14 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,460

List of Tyre Brands

Metro Tyres| Yokohama Tyres| Continental Tyres| Birla Tyres Tyres| Pirelli Tyres| TVS Tyres| ARL Tyres| Aeolus Tyres| Hankook Tyres|View All

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Tyres are one of the most important security features of the car. When the tyres of your vehicle have passed their expiry, you need to get them replaced immediately. Most online stores are now selling car and bike tyres at discounted rates, which has attracted thousands of customers.

Best features of Tyres

Most tyres are made out of nylon or rubber or both. Tyres have components such as tread, tread lug, tread void, rain groove, sipes, bead, sidewall, shoulder, and ply. Other associated parts of the tyre are wheel, rim, inner tube, and the valve system. It is imperative that you check your tyres at regular intervals of time. Usually when you meet with an accident, you have to replace the tyres that are damaged. Types that have deeper treads last for longer periods of times.

New trends in Tyres

Latest tyres to hit the road are the tubeless tyres. These tyres are easy to repair and they have very low maintenance. These tyres are air or nitrogen filled tyres and ensure a smooth ride to the drivers and passengers. The journey of tyres started with bias tyres or cross ply that were generally made with cotton plies and were used as the key reinforcing material. The radial technology in tyres dominated the tyre market for quite some time due to the distinct advantages over the traditional tyres. Currently, the concept of low aspect ratio tyre is considered to be the most important factor in countries around the world. These tyres have very low aspect ratio, which allow better stability at higher speeds.

Popular Tyres brands

Some of the most popular tyre brands are Aeolus, Apollo, Aramis, Birla, Bridgestone, CEAT, Continental, GoodYear, Headway, JK Tyre, MRF, and Yokohama.

Key factors to consider while buying Tyres

You need to select the tyre type after considering various factors. If you are planning to use your vehicle on regular roads, you will have to choose regular tyres. If you are planning to use your vehicle on rough terrains, you will have to select off-road tyres. Other important aspects you need to consider are: tyre brand, vehicle model, price, aspect ratio, design type, material, size specification, dimensions (weight, section width, height, and rim diameter), and installation details.

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