Trimmer Price List

Trimmer Price List

Latest TrimmersPrice
Lifelong NT01 TrimmerRs. 355
Philips Norelco QG3330 Multigroom KitRs. 2,911
Philips QT4003-15 Beard TrimmerRs. 1,601
Philips QT4009-15 Beard TrimmerRs. 2,044
Philips Norelco BT5215-41 Body TrimmerRs. 11,317
Philips HP6392-00 Body Hair TrimmerRs. 3,499
Syska NT5202 Nose Hair TrimmerRs. 360
Panasonic ER 1511 ClipperRs. 21,371
Panasonic ER1431 Hair Clipper TrimmerRs. 10,624
Panasonic ER-1611-K ClipperRs. 18,290

List of Trimmer Brands

Gemei Trimmers| Wahl Trimmers| Maxel Trimmers| Syska Trimmers| Andis Trimmers| Babyliss Trimmers| Sportsman Trimmers| icare Trimmers| Astar Trimmers| Havells Trimmers| Lifelong Trimmers| Aknova Trimmers| Agaro Trimmers| Orbit Trimmers| Maxed Trimmers| FourStar Trimmers| Wama Trimmers| Sonashi Trimmers| Biaoya Trimmers| KenBerry Trimmers| Conair Trimmers| HTC Trimmers| Mr Plus Trimmers| Toshiko Trimmers| Apes Club Trimmers| Pritech Trimmers| Beurer Trimmers| BDM Blazon Trimmers| Ideal Home Trimmers| Beautyko Trimmers|View All

Compare Trimmer, Shaver Prices Online at CompareRaja

Shavers and Trimmers are some of the pretty frequently used electronic gadgets used to groom oneself, and they’re pretty handy too. After all, who doesn’t want to look presentable? Electric shavers help the users to get rid of the unwanted facial hair without the risk of accidentally getting hurt. Also, unlike traditional razors, shavers helps the users avoid the hassles of feeling the burning sensation associated with using the traditional razors. This is a great benefit for people with sensitive skin. Not to mention, since these devices operate smooth there is no need for the users to use soap, shaving foams or gels and yet be assured of getting a clean and flawless shave. These devices are extremely portable and can be used almost everywhere, user can use the device at any corner of the home. They also come in handy while traveling; users can carry it around with them during their business meeting and get a clean shaved look in real quick time.

Electric shavers are also extremely handy since they’re battery operated for the most part. Users can also choose to buy electric shavers without batteries, but they would need to be plugged in to a power source during usage. The best part is that electric shavers are perfect for women as well, especially for women with sensitive skins.

Just as handy as shavers, trimmers are great gadgets for grooming. The device allows users to maintain the look they have so carefully perfected. Trimmers are ideal for men who want to add a particular style and trim their facial hair or the hair on the nape of their neck. So now, it’s very easy to maintain roguish stubble, keep a goatee, or get a perfectly shapely beard.

Since trimmers are built with special blades and motors that allow rotation and oscillation easily, it’s very easy to get the right kind of trimming. What’s more is that there are trimmers that are suited for long and short hair specifically. So whether users wish to trim their beard, moustache or sideburns, there is a perfect product available in the market for everyone to suit their individual needs. From simple manual trimmers to high-end electric trimmers, there are a plenty of options for the users to choose from.

Unlike old-fashioned razor blades, electric shavers and trimmers have the best quality synthesized blade systems that ensure the smoothest of shaves. Some of the popular brands in the market that offer Shavers and Trimmers are Phillips, Braun, Nova, Gillette and Panasonic. The manufacturers offer a wide variety of models with different features, however, one coming feature among all the models is that they are easy to use and have good grip. Apart from strong performance, most of the top brands like Gillette, Panasonic and Phillips offer products that have a beautiful design and are eye-catching.

With different brand and a plethora of models available in the market, choosing the best device can be a bit tedious. Compareraja is a unique website that not only allows users to simultaneously compare the features and prices of products from top brands and help users make a quick and informed buying decision.