Treadmill Price List in India

Treadmill Price List

Latest TreadmillsPrice
Cosco Exercise AC 2500 Motorised TreadmilRs. 244,809
Cosco Exercise CMTM-AC 700 Motorised TreadmilRs. 112,000
Cosco Exercise CMTM-SX-3030 Motorised TreadmilRs. 46,020
Aerofit HF926 1.75 HP Motorized TreadmillRs. 46,440
Cockatoo Multipurpose 4 in 1 TreadmillRs. 12,399
Reach Hydraulic T-3i Motorised TreadmillRs. 30,000
Aerofit HF909 2.0 Motorized TreadmillRs. 45,000
Hammer Finnlo CSR TreadmillRs. 29,520
Powermax Fitness TDA-350 Motorized TreadmillRs. 62,300
Powermax Fitness TDA-550 Motorized TreadmillRs. 75,800

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When one thinks of losing weight and becoming fit, the person may invariably think about buying a treadmill. This jogging machine has been around for a long time now and is one of the best domestic workout machines that promote good health and fit body. For people who don’t have enough time to go out jogging in the nature or people living in the city where there is hardly any space to move, treadmills are a great alternative to get their daily dose of exercise and get rid of that extra flabs.

Unlike the traditional treadmill machines, the modern day machines have become sleek and they come with a powerful motor. The age old treadmills that were operated manually have now become obsolete. The automatic machines have become the order of the day. These machines have a high power motor that not only increases the capacity of the machine to carry more weight but also gives the users a complete and heavy workout. The electrically operated machines are easy to use and they come with a variety of speed levels to suit the training needs of the users.

The motors have varying speeds that can be adjusted with just a press of a button on the machine. Typically, the treadmills made for home users have speed range from 0km to 20kms. As the user starts running on the machine he/she can gradually increase the speed.

Several runners, especially the professional athletes like to run or jog with a music player plugged into their ears. The soothing music keeps the head clear and increases concentration levels. Traditionally most people used an external music device to play songs but with the new generation treadmills, these machines have a built-in speakers that allows the users to simply plug the machine to the music device and play songs with just a push of the button. Not to mention, users can also change tracks and adjust volume levels as per their needs.

Another significant new addition to the treadmill technology is the monitor screen that not only gives the users a clear indication of the distance they have covered but also gives valuable information about the amount of calories they have burnt. This features allows the users to set a daily target either in terms of the distance to run or burn certain amount calories and the numbers on the screen would give them evidence of their accomplishments.

Some of the top players manufacturing treadmills are Proline, Bodycraft, SportsArt, Life fitness, Sole, Xterra, Reebok and BH fitness. There are plenty more manufacturers; use can choose a brand based on their preference and budget. While buying a treadmill it is important to look for features like horsepower, stability, motorized treadmills, sound while operation and of course budget.

While buying treadmills it is important to first compare the different models; websites like offer a wonderful platform to compare the various treadmills available in the market and know their exact specifications. This helps buyers take an informed decision.