Vu Television Price List

VU Television Price List In India

Latest VU Television ModelsPrice
Vu T43D1510 43 Inch Full HD LED TelevisionRs. 25,999
Vu T60D1680 60 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 76,990
Vu TL55C1CUS 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Curved LED TelevisionRs. 79,999
Vu TL65C1CUS 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Curved LED TelevisionRs. 149,999
Vu LTDN65XT800XWAU3D 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 109,999
Vu 49S6575 49 Inch Full HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 36,490
Vu H75K700 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 219,999
Vu 24JL3 24 Inch HD Ready LED TelevisionRs. 9,999
Vu H50K311 50 Inch Full HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 39,999
Vu 55UH8475 55 Inch Full HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 44,499

VU TV prices 2017

All the popular VU TV models are listed on this page. While these products are available at many online stores, like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, etc., you will often see that the price of a particular model often differs on each of the websites mentioned above. By clicking on the products mentioned above, you can check their current price on all these sites at a time and make a better buying decision.

How to buy best TV online?

Online TV shopping carries many advantages over shopping in physical showrooms. It saves you time, provides you with a lot more options, easy payment options and also saves you money as the prices of products in online stores is often lower than what you will find in showrooms.

However, it is important to compare the prices between different e-commerce websites as well as the features and specifications among different models to make sure that you buy a TV that provides with more bang for your bucks.

Compare TV models

If you are about to buy a VU TV, it is crucial to compare the features of your preferred model with others to make sure that your purchase has all the latest features. There are LCDs and LEDs with features like full HD, touch screen, HDMI ports, USB ports, 4K, etc. that you should consider before making a decision.

TV Models Price Comparison

Apart from all the features and specifications, it is also imperative to compare the price of your VU TV with other models as there is a possibility that you might get some additional features in another model that carries almost a similar price tag. Lastly, also make sure that you check the different payment options offered by the website. Payment through credit/debit card, COD is common, but many sites also offer EMI facility.

Why VU TVs?

Launched in the year 2015, VU Technologies is based in Mumbai and manufactures LCDs and LEDs at the most competitive prices. While the company is still very new, it has been able to create a broad customer base within a short span of time with their innovative products that are exclusively designed keeping the demands of Indian consumers in mind.

Compare VU TV prices on CompareRaja

You will find all the latest VU TV models on CompareRaja. You can click on the model, to check their price on different e-commerce websites along with their specification and features. Moreover, you can also compare the features of up to 4 TV models at a time to get the best model within your budget.