LG Television Price List

If you’re looking for a great TV that will last for years while offering you the best viewing experience, then you can’t go wrong with LG. One of the top makers of televisions in the world, LG releases more models every year, compared to all other brands. From super affordable entry-level models to pricey premium ones, LG has something to suit all budgets. With nearly 200 models, LG TVs range from compact 20” to massive 86” and everything in between. Some of the popular resolutions of TVs from LG are 4K Ultra-HD, OLED, Full-HD, and HD. Read the key specifications and browse through the other features to pick the right model that meets your requirements. Use the accompanying images to take a closer look at your preferred models. The updated price list of LG TVs features the current price at 10+ leading online retailers, helping you to land the best deal.

LG Television Price List In India

Latest LG Television ModelsPrice
LG 32LJ530D 32 Inch HD Ready LED TelevisionRs. 21,499
LG 49UJ652T 49 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 76,823
LG 32LJ510D 32 Inch HD Ready LED TelevisionRs. 18,499
LG 55SE3KB 55 Inch Full HD Slim LED TelevisionRs. 85,000
LG 43SE3KB 43 Inch Full HD Slim LED TelevisionRs. 37,999
LG 55UJ652T 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 107,890
LG 49SJ800T 49 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 89,290
LG 43UJ652T 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 50,055
LG 43UJ632T 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 50,750
LG 43UJ752T 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 59,993
LG TV Prices 2017

LG Electronics Inc. is an international electronics company headquartered in South Korea. It is the second largest LCD TV manufacturer throughout the world and was the first company to launch a 60-inch plasma TV in the year 1998. It is also the largest LCD panel manufacturer and is very popular for its extensive range of LCD and LED TVs. While LG is definitely one of the most popular television brands in the world, the full range of options that the company offers can make it difficult for a buyer to select a model. 

On this CompareRaja page, customers can choose an LG TV which perfectly suits their preferences. The models available here are spread across a wide price range, display type, resolution, screen size, and features, making it easier for the buyers to match the models with their preferences. Apart from this, when a model is finally selected, CompareRaja will also help buyers find the best online deal from several reputed e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, and much more. 

5 Reasons to Buy LG TV

• Extensive range of TVs available across a wide price range
• LG TVs are popular for their display quality
• Great sound quality
• Excellent manufacturer’s warranty
• World-class customer service

Different Types of TVs from LG

LG is a brand that is well-known for its extensive range of televisions with a host of innovative technologies. Some of the most popular types of TVs from LG are-

• UHD 4K TV- The UHD 4K range of TVs from LG make use of the innovative HDR 4K (High Dynamic Range) technology to automatically adjust the brightness and ensure that every scene has accurate colour detailing. With features like Billion Rich Colors and IPS 4K, UHD 4K series of TVs from LG provide a rewarding TV-viewing experience. 

• Super UHD 4K TV- LG has combined Dolby Vision with its IPS 4K Quantum Display in the Super UHD 4K range of TVs to create richer colour and offer stunning views. With the brilliance and liveliness of every image at its best, the TVs provide lifelike picture quality. 

 OLED TV- With LG’s Self Lighting Pixels, the OLED range of TVs offer richer colours, deeper black and significantly improved contrast. The TV has already won CES 2017 Best of Innovation Award along with several other awards and accolades for its brilliant performance and build. 

• Smart TV- The Smart TVs offered by the brand feature LG webOS, an operative system developed by the company exclusively for televisions. With features like TV Launcher, LG Store, Magic Remote and Ultra Surround Sound, the Smart TVs offer a lot more than a standard TV. 

Buying the Right LG TV Model

• Display- Being one of the largest display panel manufacturers, LG provides buyers with an abundance of options to choose from. Buyers looking for brilliant, lifelike picture quality can consider their UHD 4K and Super UHD 4K range of televisions. If the TV is to be installed in your kids’ room, a Smart TV from the brand can be an excellent choice. 

• Sound- For a refined sound quality, the Smart TVs offered by the brand can be a great choice. The TVs feature audio system designed by the popular Harman/Kardon audio company to make sure that the audio is as satisfying as the visuals. And not just the Smart TVs, every TV model from LG features advanced sound engines. 

• Size- LG TVs are available in display sizes ranging from 19cm all the way to 105cm. Depending on your need, you can easily pick a preferred choice from the wide range of available options.

• Economical: If you are looking for something economical, LED TVs by LG are not just aptly-priced, but good on quality as well. 

How can CompareRaja help you?

CompareRaja provides detailed information about all the important aspects of LG TVs, like resolution, size, features and a lot more to make the buying process easier. Apart from this, it also provides best online deals on LG TVs to eliminate the need for the buyers to visit multiple websites in search of the latest online deals.  

For more details visit official page of LG Televisions.