Television Price List in India

Make your home entertainment come alive with the latest range of Televisions from leading brands like Samsung, LG, Vu, Panasonic, Videocon, Sony, Philips, Micromax and several others. Check out the latest features like 4K UHD, Full-HD, Smart TV, OLED, and Curved TV, to add a zing to your viewing experience. The updated television price list features nearly 1400 models from 10+ leading online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Tata CliQ, Shop Clues, Snap Deal and others. The list provides you with the latest television prices after GST, ensuring that you don’t end up paying more. The curated list ensures that you get the best deals by providing you with the lowest television prices online. The price list contains the current prices of all models at major cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata and Lucknow.

Television Price List

Latest TelevisionsPrice
Vu 43S6575 Rev PL 43 Inch Full HD LED TelevisionRs. 23,499
Abaj Imperia LM6007 32 Inch HD Ready LED TelevisionRs. 17,990
Abaj Imperia LN109 SMT 43 Inch Full HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 32,990
Abaj Imperia LN315 31.5 Inch HD Ready Smart LED TelevisionRs. 21,990
Beltek BT-3200 32 Inch HD Ready LED TelevisionRs. 19,940
Samsung 40MU6100 40 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 75,500
Weston WEL-4000 40 Inch Full HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 31,440
CloudWalker Cloud TV 39SF 40 Inch Full HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 31,990
CloudWalker Cloud TV 50SF 50 Inch Full HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 42,990
CloudWalker Cloud TV 50SU 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 38,999

List of Television Brands

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For the man of today, television sets have become very important. It is such an integral part of a house’s living and bed room that its absence will almost always bring about a gasp of surprise from visitors. Right from entertainment to knowledge, a television set is what helps you to unwind or rejuvenate after a long day at work.

Like every other piece of technology, televisions too are seeing a staggering rise in sales. The popularity of television can be effectively gauged by the number of people complaining about their kid, spouse, or friend being addicted to watching or using the television. It has become a vital part of our everyday life because of its versatile usage.

Feature- wise, televisions have quite a variety to present. You may opt for a huge 50” screen that makes watching live matches livelier or you could opt for a smaller 32” screen that suffices the needs of a small bedroom. LCDs, LEDs, and Plasma have become part of the television industry’s parlance with different manufacturers vouching for each one’s superior viewing quality.

The current craze in the television world is the advent of high definition, or HD screens. Gaming and watching films promise to become a far more exciting activity when viewed on such a screen. Ultra HD, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 gives a picture with greater details. Beyond the remarkable world of HD viewing lays the world of the Smart TV. A Smart TV offers integrated internet access and on demand streaming videos. The superior quality of the screen perfectly complements the media experience that the audience desire.

If Panasonic and Sony- the current market favorites- have displayed their technological prowess, brands like Samsung, Toshiba, LG and Videocon are not looking to be left behind. All these quality brands are coming up with innovations in television technology that leaves the buyer fascinated and wanting more.

Unfortunately, the plethora of options may confuse and overwhelm some buyers. What one needs to take into account is the main purpose of the television set- whether it will be mainly used for gaming, watching films, catching live football matches or surfing your favorite music channels. You also need to consider the amount of space that you can dedicate to a television set, your budget and the brand that the television comes from. All these factors will collectively assist you in making a sensible purchase.

To help you out with the decision making process, lists all the specifications of all the different available television sets and lets you compare and contrast amongst the various products.

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Televisions are the top entertainment systems in the country. With amazing clarity, functions and types, televisions have gone from LCD and LED to complete HD. Many televisions manufactured in recent times can also be used to play games, watch homemade videos and photos and can be used as monitors as well. The advantages of having televisions at home have moved from just recreational purposes. Finding the right television set from brands such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, etc. is now comfortable with CompareRaja. Compare four different products and find the right TV for you at the right price, with CompareRaja.

Things to remember before buying a television

The two major points amongst the other points which are to be kept in mind while purchasing a television are - the size and the price of the TV set. Yes, at any point in time, you need to ensure you are getting a value-for-money TV set.

Along these lines, you need to study on new features of a TV set in order to be satisfied with your TV viewing experience.

1. Display types - There are different types of TVs available with varying display quality viz. LCD TVs, LED TVs, OLED TVs, and Plasma TVs to consider.

  • Plasma TV: Look forward to an enormous television screen and an excellent and a truly cinematic viewing experience. A plasma TV promises brilliant colour quality and a sharp resolution, which elevates the overall picture viewing experience.
  • LCD TV: A Liquid Crystal Display TV set is quite routine in today and might be the least expensive alternative. They have good colour features and are energy efficient too.
  • LED TV: LED TV uses light emitting diodes for backlighting. Since LED are smaller than the conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) of LCS TVs, they are much slimmer than their LCD counterparts. It also enables local dimming for better picture reproduction on the screen. 
  • OLED TV: Organic light emitting diode televisions are similar to the LED TVs but have one of the sharpest picture quality currently. Currently, only Samsung and LG have OLED technology incorporated within their television screens.

Proportion of Contrast - The proportion of contrast is the distinction in brightness between the darkest dark and whitest white the TV can deliver. With a low contrast proportion, a dark range of a picture may seem more like a washed-out or dimmed while splendidly lit regions may lack vibrancy.

Inputs - The TVs you investigate; might have more input options than you will ever perceive what to do with.  In case, the TV has a coaxial F connector; you don't have to stress over it if you just plan on connecting things to using HMDI.

Smart TV - A Smart TV lets users incorporate the functionality of smartphones or laptops on their TVs. Right from internet access to apps access and downloads from major app ecosystems, a smart TV can offer all this and much more. You can also mirror your laptop or mobile phone on the TV screen. For most users, this could be of great value in case they wish to view their clicked images and selfies on a big screen.

These points are extremely vital when zeroing down on a TV model of your choice. The site lets you view a list of TVs that match your preferences across multiple filters like screen size, price, feature list, or screen type. Don’t forget to log on to CompareRaja before buying your next TV. Check out more such handy buying guides on CompareRaja.

FAQs while buying Television:

What is the Difference between HD and Ultra HD?

HD TV has a minimum of 720 vertical lines of resolution and hence it also known as 720p. It is also capable of playing content with 1280 horizontal lines of resolution. On the other hand, Ultra HD supports a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. In all, Ultra HD boasts of 4 times the resolution of HD TV offering a deeper and clearer viewing experience and images.

What does Parental Control mean in a TV?

Like PCs, the Parental Control feature in TVs helps in setting up restrictions on TV sets to help you manage restricted access to content that is not fit for your younger ones. It has been introduced to help parents in monitoring their kid’s TV usage and can help them filter the content their children can watch.

What is EPG and what all it can do?

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is nothing but a feature-rich application that assists in managing viewer interaction while selecting a particular channel and program. The feature displays an on-screen guide to provide an idea about which television programs will get broadcasted at what time, allows you to filter content by time, title, channel, genre, and helps you to manage billings, favourites, password, and others.

How Smart TVs connect to the Internet?

A Smart TV can easily connect to the Internet by using its direct, wired Ethernet port or an in-built Wireless channel to connect to your home network. It is one of the most important features that you must check before buying any smart TV model.

How to locate a serial number of your TV?

It is written at the back of your TV.