Samsung Tablet Price List

Samsung is one of the leading brands of consumer electronics all across the world. This South-Korean conglomerate is constantly coming up with something new for its large user-base. Out of a wide range of products, Samsung tablets are gathering a lot of attention. With enough storage and advanced features, these tablets can be your perfect pick. Branded as Galaxy, Samsung has a number of series in the range of tablets, such as Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Tab A, and Galaxy Tab E. Some of the popular models are Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy J Max, and more. Take a look at this updated Samsung tablet price list taken from 10+ e-portals and find out the one from 15+ models that would match your requirements. To be sure of the design and other key specifications, check out the images and other information present along.

Samsung Tablet Price List In India

Latest Samsung Tablet ModelsPrice
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017)Rs. 17,990
Samsung Galaxy TabPro SRs. 78,381
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 64GBRs. 45,203
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3Rs. 47,990
Samsung Galaxy J MaxRs. 11,799
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8Rs. 20,057
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 32 GBRs. 29,900
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 3GRs. 15,500
Samsung Galaxy Tab ARs. 16,500
Samsung Galaxy Tab ERs. 15,999
Samsung Tablets Prices 2017

So, if you have been the cat on the wall when it comes to buying a tablet, here are a few good reasons that will finally give you the thrust you’ve been looking for. Tablets make great eReaders, work extremely well on one-on-one presentations, watching movies and playing music, improve your productivity and indeed offer the right balance between a Smartphone and a laptop. 

So, now that you have decided to get a tablet, the first question that crops is, “Which one to buy?” And Samsung is one of the first names that is heard when it comes to tablets. The South Korean electronics giant is one of the world’s leading manufacturers when it comes to smartphones and tablets.

With so many top-notch tablets from Samsung, choosing the right one that suits your needs can be baffling. Worry not, with CompareRaja, you can compare several leading models of tablets from Samsung and choose the right one. Not only can you find the best model, but also you can locate the retailer who offers it for the best price.

Reasons why you should buy a Samsung Tablet?
  • Samsung offers its own set of apps that are optimised for the Tablet’s screen and resolution
  • Slender, sleek tabs that weigh far lesser than other tablets and iPads
  • Side Sync 3.0, a revolutionary technology that pairs your Smartphone with your tab. Now you can receive and make calls via your phone directly from your tab
  • High-resolution display that makes images appear sharper and brighter
  • High computational power that makes tabs work faster when compared to regular laptops
Popular Series of Tablets from Samsung
  • Galaxy Tab S – Available in three colours this tablet comes with a 9.7” display and features a primary camera of 8MP. Remarkably slim and ultra-lightweight, you can carry this tab wherever you go.
  • Galaxy Tab A – Available in white and gray, this one comes with a 5MP front-facing camera, 8” display and 3G connectivity. 
  • Galaxy Tab E – With a screen size of 9.6”, this tab combines practicality with elegance. The non-slip fabric patterned rear casing makes it easy to grip and work.
  • Galaxy J Max – With a 7” screen and ultra-high definition resolution and 9 hours of video playback, watching movies is a great experience on this tab. It’s available in two colours black and gold.
Guide to Choosing the Right Samsung Tab

Select the right Samsung tab that fits your needs with this brief guide.
  • Voice Calls – If you will be making and receiving voice calls on your tab, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with 3G connectivity and a front facing camera for video calls is ideal for you.
  • Work – The Samsung Galaxy Tab S with a 9.7” display and 4:3 ratio screen is perfect when you want to work on Office documents. The book cover keyboard offers a great PC-like experience to get all your work done on the go.
  • Home Use – Capture fleeting moments of your daily life with Galaxy Tab E’s advanced camera features. With expandable storage, never miss out on your precious moments.
  • Entertainment – With 9 hours of video playback and a wide HD display available with Galaxy J Max tablet, you can now carry your media with you everywhere you wish to. 
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