Micromax Tablet Price List

Back in 2010, Micromax put forward its first tablet series, known as Funbook series. Since then, this Indian company has been very successful in garnering maximum customers in the tablet and 2-in-1 market with its exclusive range of products. While the tablets run on Android, the 2-in-1s are powered by Microsoft Windows. Currently, the brand rolls out tablets under two main series; Canvas and Funbooks. Some of the popular tablet models from the house of Micromax are Canvas Plex, Canvas Tab P802, Canvas Tab P701+ and more. Browse through the images here to zero down on the tablet of your choice. To help you further, the key specifications are also listed for every model for a quick glance. Furthermore, the price list of Micromax tablets will also help you differentiate the best model out of 15+ products as per your budget from the rest.

Micromax Tablet Price List In India

Latest Micromax Tablet ModelsPrice
Micromax Canvas Tab P701+Rs. 7,925
Micromax Canvas P802Rs. 9,600
Micromax Canvas Tab P681 16 GBRs. 6,199
Micromax Canvas Tab P70221Rs. 4,299
Micromax Canvas Tab P701Rs. 6,850
Micromax Canvas P290Rs. 4,599
Micromax Canvas Tab P702Rs. 7,899
Micromax Canvas Fantabulet F666Rs. 4,499
Micromax Canvas Tab P680Rs. 9,999
Micromax Canvas Tab P480Rs. 4,499
Micromax Tablets Prices 2018

Though tablets have been on the market for years, and they're still quite popular. It provides the best of both worlds. It has the portability of Smartphones and the efficiency of laptops. Tablets of today have tremendous hardware capacity and lighting fast speeds. 

Micromax is one of the leading manufacturers of Android Tablets in the Indian market. It is one of the leading consumer electronics company in the country while being the tenth largest mobile manufacturer in the whole world. 

With an impressive array of Micromax tablets in the market, it is quite difficult to sift through all the specifications and find the right one. On this page, you can compare several tablets from Micromax simultaneously. With an easy to use comparison table, finding the right product is easy. Advanced filters like features, storage, display size, processor, user ratings, and more help you in refining your search and aid you in choosing the best product. 

Top 5 Reasons why Choosing Micromax Tablets is a smart choice?
  • With over 1,25,000 retail outlets in the country, locating a Micromax product is easy
  • Affordable tablets those are easy in your pocket
  • A vast network of customer support service centers spread across the country
  • A vast range of products that appeal to customers from different niches
  • Support for vernacular languages in a few devices
Range of Tablets from Micromax
  • Canvas Tab P7 Series – With 2GB Ram and 1GHz quad-core processor, this tab carries out intensive tasks quickly. The 3500mAh ensures that your tab is powered day in day out.
  • Canvas Tab P6 Series – With 3G connectivity and 1GB Ram, this tab is the best companion for all your entertainment needs. 
  • Canvas Tab P4 Series – With a 5MP AF rear camera that captures pictures in detail with the inbuilt flash and 2MP front camera, this one’s a savior for video calling. 
  • Canvas Tab P2 Series - With a battery of 2820mAh and a super wide screen of 17.78 cm this tab is ideal to take care of your family’s entertainment needs. 
How to Choose the Right Micromax Tablet?
  • Office Work – The Canvas Tab P480 is ideal for office work. With a spectacular camera and an inbuilt flash, this one is perfect for connecting with your teammates over a video call.
  • Entertainment – The Canvas Tab P680 or P702 or P701 are big on entertainment and provides the features of a home theatre you can take anywhere. 
  • Gaming – The Canvas Tab P701+ and P701 come with a 2GB Ram and ultrafast processor to meet all your gaming needs.
  • For Families - The Canvas Tab P290 with a wide screen of 17.78 cm is ideal for meeting your family’s entertainment needs, be it gaming or catching the latest release. 
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