Lenovo Tablet Price List

Your hunt for a perfect tablet model will surely come to an end the moment you get your hands on an extensive range of Lenovo tablets. This Chinese multinational company carries a fantastic range of tablets that run on Android. And if you are looking for 2-in-1s, Lenovo has a broad range of Window Powered 2-in-1s to suit your needs The series offered by Lenovo include Tab 4, Lenovo MIIX, Lenovo A, Lenovo Yoga, PHAB. With such a wide range, you are sure to find something extraordinary as per the key specifications, your requirement and budget. The high-end definition images available with every model will further help you choose the perfect tablet based on the design. Go through this updated price list of Lenovo tablets taken from 10+ e-portals. After considering your demands, select the best one from these 20+ models.

Lenovo Tablet Price List In India

Latest Lenovo Tablet ModelsPrice
Lenovo Tab 4 10 PlusRs. 24,990
Lenovo Tab 3 710IRs. 6,499
Lenovo Tab3 7 Plus 16GBRs. 8,999
Lenovo Tab 3 730X TabletRs. 7,999
Lenovo Yoga A12 64GB Wi-Fi 4GRs. 29,990
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro 64 GB 4G Wi-FiRs. 39,990
Lenovo Tab 3 8 16GBRs. 8,999
Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30 3G 8 GBRs. 9,999
Lenovo CG Slate Grade 3-5 8 GB Wi-FiRs. 8,499
Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential 8 GB Wi-FiRs. 4,999
Lenovo Tablets Prices 2017 
Tabs have brought the world in our hands. From efficient computational power to portability, they offer the best of both Smartphones and laptops. Lenovo is the numero uno player when it comes to tabs. With a wide variety of offerings, the Chinese technology giant is one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of tablets in the world. The company acquired IBM's personal computers and since then has continuously been the world largest seller of personal computers. With a keen eye on design and supreme user experience, the company has an ever-increasing loyal fan base.

There is a wide range of Lenovo tabs and each has its own merits. Choosing a single one from the broad array of spectacular choices is pretty difficult. Compareraja helps you overcome this problem by providing you an easy to use comparison table. You can compare several tabs simultaneously and pick the right one based on your specifications and requirements.

Advantages of Choosing Lenovo Tabs over others
  • Detail to attention in each one of the product
  • The tabs offer the maximum user comfort and efficiency
  • Low heating of components, which in turn extends the life of the product
  • Lenovo is the leader when it comes to futuristic design
  • All products pass through rigorous testing before reaching the end user
  • Thousands of customer care representatives all over the world, to help you resolve any issue quickly 
The Different Types of Tabs from Lenovo
  • Yoga Series – This series marks the beginning of a new era when it comes to tab design. Each tablet can be used in three different modes: Laptop Mode, Conventional Tab Mode and View Mode. The device is highly flexible and comes with a battery that lasts for long durations.
  • Miix Series – This Windows-based tablet comes with processing power that is on par with a personal computer. With a detachable keyboard and a high-resolution display, this one doubles up as a PC.
  • A Series – These are Android powered tablets that help you enjoy your favourite games, music, videos and movies while on the go.
How to Choose the Right Tab from Lenovo?
  • Work – The Lenovo Miix Series, preloaded with Windows OS, helps you carry your work with you wherever you go. 
  • Presentations – The Yoga Tablet 3 Pro is the world’s first tab with an in-built projector that transforms any wall into a display. Ideal for work presentations. 
  • Entertainment – The Yoga series with the High-resolution display and flexible modes is ideal for catching up on the latest movies. 
  • Home Theatre Experience – The Yoga Tablet 3 Pro with an inbuilt projector can instantly convert any wall into a 70” display. Ideal for catching up on your favourite movies with your family. 
  • 2-in-1 PC – The Yoga Tabs are highly flexible and can be used both as a regular laptop or view mode. 
  • Travel – The Tabs of the A Series are powered by the latest version of Android OS. Now, you can carry your favourite apps, games and much more, while on the move.
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