iBall Tablet Price List

iBall Tablet Price List In India

Latest iBall Tablet ModelsPrice
iBall Slide Elan 4G2Rs. 13,499
Iball Slide DD-1GBRs. 4,050
iBall Brisk 4G2 Wi-Fi 4GRs. 7,999
iBall Slide Nimble 4GFRs. 9,999
iBall Slide WingsRs. 8,745
iBall Slide Twinkle i5Rs. 4,390
iBall Slide CuboidRs. 8,999
iBall Slide Brace X1 4GRs. 14,999
Iball Slide Cuddle 4G 16 GBRs. 9,999
Iball Slide 3G Q45 16 GBRs. 5,799
iBall Tablet Prices 2017 

Are you one of the diminishing breed of souls who still haven’t converted to a tablet? Wondering if you should buy a tablet or not? Well, put an end to this sniggering doubt once for all, today. Tablets offer the best of both worlds. Efficient as a laptop and portable as a Smartphone, they help you carry out your routine tasks easily. Now, you come to the big question. Which Tablet to buy?

 iBall, with its impressive array of tablets, is one of the popular tablet manufacturers today. Launched in 2001 with just the electronic mouse, this Mumbai-based consumer electronics company has now diversified into more than 25 products. 

On this page, you can compare several models of tablets from iBall simultaneously and filter depending on the screen size, processor speed, memory and other features. This helps you to get the big picture when it comes to choosing the right tab. CompareRaja also lists the current price of the tablet at several retailers helping you find the right retailer. 

Top Reasons to opt for an iBall Tablet
  • Affordability, iBall Tablets do not pinch your pocket and cheaper when compared to its competitors
  • Ideal for carrying out regular tasks without a glitch
  • Lightweight options that are easy to carry with you on your travels 
  • Long battery life of around  8 or more hours
  • Multitasking window helps you do two or more tasks simultaneously 
Popular Tablet Series from iBall

The tabs from iBall are known as iBall Slide and are divided into two broad categories:
  • Performance Series Android Based – Just as the name implies, these tabs make the best use of the intuitive Android interface and are available in a wide variety of options such as 2G, 3G, 4G and Wifi. 
  • Performance Series Windows Based – Lightweight, affordable and convenient, this category of Tabs bring you the power of a PC with the portability of a Tab. 
Guide to choose the right iBall Tablet
  • Blogging / Writing – If you are looking for a tab to double up as a PC, then select the Windows based iBall tabs. With cool multitasking and an attached keyboard, writing or blogging is a breeze using this tab. 
  • Games and Apps – If you are looking for a tab to play your favourite Android-based games or to carry your music and media, then choose a tab from the Android-based iBall tabs. 
How CompareRaja simplifies the Process?

Choosing the right tablet from the myriad options out there is a daunting and time-consuming task. Now, get it right with CompareRaja. You can compare several models of iBall tablets at the same time. The advanced filters help you choose the right tablet based on your required specifications and its best available price. Once you have decided which retailer to shop at, you can visit the retailer in a single click.
CompareRaja simplifies your Tablet shopping experience and helps you find the right iBall Tab at the most attractive price.