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Tablet Price List

Latest TabletsPrice
Datawind Ubislate 3G7XRs. 3,289
Lenovo Tab 4 10 PlusRs. 24,990
Celkon Diamond 4G Tab 8 8GBRs. 8,499
Datawind Ubislate 3G7ZRs. 4,099
Unic N3 8GBRs. 3,999
Datawind Droidsurfer 10Rs. 5,666
Datawind Droidsurfer 7Rs. 4,380
IKALL N1 1GB 16GBRs. 6,599
Kenxinda F1Rs. 3,999
Vtech Innotab 2 Kids TabletRs. 9,799

List of Tablet Brands

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There is a huge market of tablets in India, and you can lay your hands on a number of appealing tablets that vary in prices, features, and quality. Generally, tablets are available in the price range between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 95,000.
Browse through the newly updated list of price ranges of tablets along with their specifications. You can choose the best according to your requirement and preferences. The prices mentioned are applicable across India.

Buy Tablets Online

Tablets are being very trendy and significant for people in the present world. There is a huge range of tables that are available at many online stores.  But, how would you decide that which online store offers the best deal on tablets along with customer service and support.
 CompareRaja is here to help you in that. You can compare the products provided by various popular e-commerce website and choose the best in accordance with your preferences.

Buying Guide

A lot of competitors have entered the market offering their own range of tablets, each with their own advantages & disadvantages.
Read on to the below mentioned guide that will assist you in making the right decision when buying a tablet. So, consider the points below before shopping:

•  What are your requirements?

First of all, what is it about tablet devices that appeal to you? Providentially, a lot of features have got standard in most tablets, but there are some features in the device that make them unique. You need to know what you actually want in your device and after that go for a purchase.

•  Size & Display
You are supposed to be staring into this gadget for hours, so it should look good as well. Tablets contain screen size, which varies from one device to another, and bigger doesn't actually mean better.
The good quality of an image is actually determined through the pixel density: be on the search for the "PPI" or "pixels per inch" statistic when you actually researching. Also, you can come across cheap devices with screens which don't have multi-touch recognition feature. You are recommended not to fall into this trap.

•  Design & Accessories

There are some main differences in form between tablet devices that may look trivial at the first glance, but really have a great impact on long-term usability & comfort. Opinions of your own, such as things like a curved back, border size, tapered edges, and also the finish are subjective, and it is suggested to you that try and get your hands on a display piece in the store first while you wish to buy it online.
Apart from that, things such as a kickstand & stylus may be extremely useful for some people, less so for others.
On the other hand, it is also recommended that your purchase decision should never be made just because it contains or lacks a particular packaged accessory or it is not having a perfect design. No tablet is actually perfect, but a small research goes far off in assisting you to make an informed decision.

•  Manufacturer & OS

Along with manufacturer and OS choice, points such as customer market ecosystem, service, and how quick updates & patches are deployed, play a crucial role in your shopping decision.

•  Apple iOS iPads
iOS is recognised for being instinctive, user-friendly and comparatively bug-free but is used only on Apple products. This does restricts its outreach but nevertheless is acknowledged as one of the best and relatively bug free operation system. Apple iPads offer a superlative browsing as well as user experience.

Apart from its gigantic application marketplace, iOS plays amazingly with your other Apple devices as well as services too.

•  Android OS and Tablets
Android is the open-source, hardware agnostic tablet and OS is written & maintained well by the Google. While its app selection and media is not rather as robust as Apple's, Android as OS is substantially customizable & more than satisfactory for most of the users.

•  Windows 8/RT Devices
Windows RT of Microsoft (a portable alternative to the Windows 8 OS) is one of the modern competitors on the market; also it enables a forward thinking, tiles-based design.

•  Others
There are various smaller or more ambiguous OS’es that are normally offshoots of the Android, intended only for particular devices. Always consider the pros & cons of each alongside one of the giants who, regardless of their own flaws, all have a bigger user base to utilise as feedback for updates.
So, these were some of the points that you should consider while going to purchase a tablet of your dreams. Never buy any product without a general research. It is always needed.

5 Quick Tips

1.    Always refer the ratings and feedbacks of the seller to make a wise decision.
2.    Never get attracted towards a cheap priced tablet, do read the specifications and get the right product.
3.    Check if they are providing any guarantee or warranty with the product.
4.    Choose the e-commerce website on which you can trust.
5.    Don't forget to do research for the product.
Can I make a call through the tablet?

Yes, because of the SIM facility offered in many tablets, you can make a video call, phone call, send an SMS and use the internet. Facility of video calling is present even on tablets that do not have SIM facility; this is achievable through Wi-Fi and with the assistance of software like Skype. Mostly all the Samsung tablets provide calling facility while iPad supports SIM but it can't be utilised as a phone.

What is tablet screen size as compared to the mobile phone?

All tablets are present with a touch-screen, the size of which generally varies from 5 inches (Dell Streak), which is near about the size of your palm to 10 inches, the dimension of the notebook of a school boy! The tablet's average screen size is approximately 8.5 inch

Why do I need a tablet?

Tablets are presently being marketed towards people who want a gadget that bridge the gap between a laptop and a smartphone. You can see a lot of features and facilities in a tablet that can make your work more efficient and fast. Its user-friendly environment and convenience in carrying make it a must buy gadget for tech savvy users.

Can you tell me the difference between Tablet, Smart Phone?

You can know the differences between tablets and smartphones by knowing the facilities that these devices provide you. Tablets: • Larger screen for convenient browsing & better user experience • Better performance (i.e more memory, faster CPU, etc) • Easy input of diagrams & other more visual material • Familiar OS (i.e Windows, iPhone OS, MacOS, Linux, etc) • Large Touch Screen Smart Phones: • Smaller form factor (pocket sized) • Lower cost for device • Data via mobile carrier without additional hardware

How is it different from a standard notebook?

As mentioned above regarding tablets and smartphone you can also know the difference between tablets and notebook by knowing the specifications of standard notebooks. Standard Notebooks: • Lower price for device • Broad variety of configurations • Generally, hardware is much powerful in these devices • Data via mobile carrier devoid of any additional hardware • Full keyboard for rapid input of text devoid of additional hardware (many of the tablets can utilise external keyboards) • Extra extensible in comparison to Tablet's

Can I have Dongle Facility in Tablets?

Dongles are actually devices that can be plugged into a gadget to access protected software or facilities such as the internet & prevent illicit access. Tablets that does not support facility of SIM generally come with dongle support for internet surfing. In general, budget tablets provide the facility of dongle offered by firms like Huawei.

Please tell me about the present market of Android tablets?

Many main electronics brands offer Android based tablets such as Acer, ASUS, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, and Toshiba. There are also various secondary manufacturers that may charge less but compromise in client support, future firmware updates or device quality. Unless you are quite confident of the eminence of the device you are buying, with any costly electronic gadget, it is nice to get the manufacturer warranty.

Can I upgrade my tablet's RAM in Future?

General tablets are actually embedded platforms, & do not contain any replaceable RAM modules. They are much like the smartphone rather than a netbook. As a result, you can't upgrade the RAM in most of the cases.

Can I use my USB mouse/ storage/keyboard drive with my tablet?

This typically depends on the manufacturer of the device. If the device provides support, you will require obtaining a USB OTG dongle or else a cable. The port requires being connected in a particular way within the tablet to make USB peripherals work. In general case, you can expect keyboards, mice, and storage drives to work if there support feature is provided by the device.

From where should I purchase?

For this, you are recommended to research of the device which you want to purchase. Compare prices on different e-commerce sites, and choose the right place from where you can get the most beneficial and facilitating services.