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    • Screen Size: 6.98 inches
    • Network: 4G
    • Calling Tab: Yes
    • Dimension: 97 x 186 x 8.9...
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    • Screen Size: 10.2 inches
    • Network: Wi-Fi
    • Dimension: 242 x 179 x 7 ...
    • Weight: 517 g

Tablet Price List

Latest TabletsPrice
Ambrane AQ-700Rs. 3,500
iBall Slide Q27 4GRs. 12,170
Apple iPad Air 2 32 GB Wi-Fi 4GRs. 39,349
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro 64 GB 4G Wi-FiRs. 39,990
Samsung Galaxy Tab E LiteRs. 14,191
RCA Voyager II TabletRs. 5,958
Proscan PLT7804GRs. 29,258
Proscan PLT7050Rs. 9,391
Proscan PLT1150KRs. 28,941
Proscan PLT8990KRs. 18,115

List of Tablet Brands

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Multi-tasking is the order of the day and for the modern generation it is a routine thing. For people who multi-task every day, tablets have become an essential technological possession. The past few years have seen a boom in the research and development of this techno marvel that amazes even the most skeptical users of technology. Be it in the train, crowded mall, or coffee shops, you will see people using tablets everywhere.

A tablet exemplifies the belief that the greatest things come in small packages. With the increased acceptance of technology worldwide, it is no wonder that every other person you come across will be holding on to a tablet. It is a true testament of the tablet’s functionality that school kids, collegians, working professionals, and every other group uses one.

The features of this magic slate are many. The tablets of today make use of a capacitive touch screen which enables multi touch. The single biggest factor that makes tablets so popular and appealing is the portability that it offers the user. The big screen of the tablet can be used for playing movies, songs, internet browsing, e-mailing, gaming, video calling, messaging, setting appointments, reading eBooks, creating presentations and documents. One can stay in touch with their friends, family and acquaintances using the social media apps that the tablet supports.

Today, the buyer is more concerned with the portability of the tablet. Only the slimmest and lightest of these tablets survive in the race for supremacy. The more compact the tablets, the more they serve their purpose of portability. The second thing they look for is the operating system that the tablet runs on. The current hot favorite is the Apple iOS, closely followed by Android powered tablets. Windows is slowly gathering more favor with the everyday tablet user with its software innovation.

The Indian market for tablets is huge with many sellers fighting for the largest market share. At present, Apple and Samsung are the favorites with tablet users. These two brands have been consistently upgrading their products so as to retain their customer base. Close on their heels are brands like Lenovo and Acer who are coming up with good products too but none as appealing as the iPad.

It is important to make an informed decision when it comes to buying any piece of technology. One should take into account their daily usage of the tablet, budget, portability etc. of the tablet before making a decision. It is advisable to do adequate research on all the available tablets before buying it. Being aware of all the different kinds of tablets, brands, features and prices will ensure that your purchase is a wise one.

To help you in this endeavor of yours, lists all the available tablets in the market with all their specifications and lets you compare different tablets in order to help you arrive at the best possible option.

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Tablets have taken the technological world by storm, thanks to their diverse functionalities. You can call people as well as connect instantly through apps, share information and more with ease. Tablets function as a mix of mobile phones and laptops which make them easy to use and convenient to carry. If you are looking for the right tablet for you, CompareRaja is the right platform to find the best one in the market. Here you can compare tablets from top brands such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and more to find the one that fits your needs and budget the best!

Things to remember before purchasing a tablet

Investing in a tablet does require substantial prior research. In our endeavor to help you shortlist the most suitable tablet, do go through the checklist before you buy one

1. Convertible vs. Stand-alone Tablet-A convertible tab would involve a detachable keyboard and can also double up as both, a phone and a mini-PC. So, with a convertible, you can use it as a tablet or a phone. It serves both the purposes. But at times, a convertible tablet is bulky while using it as a phone is quite cumbersome.

2. Choice of Operating System -The Android, Windows and iOS are the three most preferred operating systems across the world. iOS is the best operating system till date considering its fast processing speed, a wide range of apps and the member of the Apple ecosystem. On the other hand, Android is an open source system that offers a wider range of apps and extensively used by users while Windows is yet to gain a firm footing in this segment.Irrespective of the choice of operating system, you can always upgrade and install its latest version without any hassle through the internet.

3. The purpose of the tablet -If you are buying a tablet for children to use, then purchasing a basic model with minimum configuration would be ideal. If you are planning to buy a tablet for business or office use, you need to go for a tablet which has a decent sized RAM, adequate battery life and space for storing data.

4. Display and Multi Media -Today, an average priced tablet comes with super-AMOLED display qualities, powerful camera and good quality sound. You should be able to view audio-video content, click images and even enjoy listening to music using the tablet. Apart from this, it can also feature auto timers, tilt shape and moonlighting features when it comes to clicking images with it.

5. Apps and Content -Android operated tablet are more appealing to a large number of users as they offer a large number of interesting apps. On the other side, iOS offers an equally interesting range of apps but in a more safe and secured environment. Therefore, you can choose from an Android based tablet for free apps or a secured iOS tablet

6. Processors -Make sure you pay some attention to the processor of the tablet. Its configuration will determine its speed and rate of performance along with delays or lags when multi-tasking.Gather this information on the tablet options you have shortlisted and then select the one that best suits your needed features and budget, before you buy. To read more points on helpful buying guides, log on to CompareRaja and make a smart buying choice for your next tablet purchase.