Unicam Surveillance Camera Price List

Unicam Surveillance Camera Price List In India

Latest Unicam Surveillance Camera ModelsPrice
Unicam UC 6003SY 600TVL IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 2,530
Unicam UC CVI1960VFK IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 8,050
Unicam UC SY100VFK HD 1200TVL IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 7,520
Unicam UC CVI1960 L3 IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 3,500
Unicam UC 7003SY 700TVL IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 3,320
Unicam UC IPC 10801 MP IR Dome CCTV CameraRs. 7,800
Unicam UC DIS7OL3 700TVL IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 2,440
Unicam UC CVI1960 L2 IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 3,120
Unicam UC IPC 10803 MP IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 9,170
Unicam UC HDIS85L3 850TVL IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 3,230
Unicam Surveillance Camera

Unicam is the leading distributor of security surveillance products. The company offers value products to its customers, and the after-sale services are quite satisfactory. The company has gained respect and an experience of ten years, and since then, the company has been manufacturing CCTV systems and cameras. They provide with high quality instruments and the services offered are hard to match.

This page will help you get your hands on the best surveillance cameras by Unicam. Out of the many choices made available in the market, you can choose the best security system for installation in your office or residential buildings. You will not only be able to choose the right model but also compare the product with other products and can get it at the most reasonable price possible.

5 Reasons To Buy Unicam Surveillance Cameras

1. Unicam cameras are cost efficient in terms of the quality they come with.
2. The video quality recorded is satisfactory.
3. Comes with attractive designs and specifications.
4. Unicam cameras ensure holistic security and the customers can rest assure after its installation.
5. They also come with night vision technology which helps to record video at night.

Options Available in Unicam Surveillance Cameras

Bullet Cameras
This range of products by Unicam comes with many features. They offer the best resolution to record the video. The products are provided with high-intensity infrared LEDs, and the power requirements are quite low.

Night Vision Cameras
The night vision cameras by Unicam support WIFI connectivity and can even support SD cards to record the video. They are installed with the night vision technology such that they offer high security in the night as well.

Dome Cameras
Dome cameras manufactured by Unicam are relatively smaller and records the video in good quality. They are easy to install and guarantee full safety during the day as well as night. They also come with different resolutions under different prices.

Spy Cameras
These cameras come with pinhole hidden cameras which can record both audio and video. They are used for live streaming of video and audio.

Guide To Buy Unicam Surveillance Cameras

Colour Capacity
The camera should record video with a range of colours as it will help to get the proper description of the intruder's clothing or the car which stopped at your door in the night.

Motion Sensor
You should consider buying a camera which gets self-activated if it senses motion in front of it. It would be pointless if your camera remains on all the time.

Night Vision
The camera should be able to take a proper image in low light or during night. It should be provided with the night vision technology.

If you wish to install the camera outdoor, then you should make sure that the selected model is weather-proof or not. Heat, dust, and rain should not cause harm to your device.

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