HIFOCUS Surveillance Camera Price List

HIFOCUS Surveillance Camera Price List In India

Latest HIFOCUS Surveillance Camera ModelsPrice
Hifocus HC DM26N1 520TVL Dome CCTV CameraRs. 1,425
Hifocus HC DM65N2 650TVL Dome CCTV CameraRs. 1,200
Hifocus HC DCS70MN2 700TVL Dome CCTV CameraRs. 1,500
Hifocus HC TM100N3 1000TVL CCTV CameraRs. 3,399
Hifocus HC DC30MN2 CCTV CameraRs. 1,999
Hifocus HC TM85N3 850TVL CCTV CameraRs. 3,200
Hifocus HC TM80N5 800TVL CCTV CameraRs. 3,290
Hifocus HC TM80N3 800TVL CCTV CameraRs. 3,190
Hifocus HC TS30MN2 600TVL CCTV CameraRs. 3,050
Hifocus HC TM80N2 800TVL CCTV CameraRs. 1,699
HI-FOCUS Surveillance Camera

HI-FOCUS manufactures and provides a wide range of security surveillance products and services in the market. The company targets global sales of their services and works hard to increase the quality of their product. The company has ten years of experience in developing the technologies to be provided in their surveillance systems. The company also provides technical assistance to its clients.

Interesting in selecting the right surveillance system for your office or your home? Then you are at the right place. Simply use the filters available on the page and pick the one that matches your requirement. You can make an informed decision in selecting the best model out of the choices available to you in the market. 

5 Reasons to Buy HI-FOCUS Surveillance Cameras

1. HI-FOCUS offers surveillance cameras with high-definition video recording.
2. The cameras by this company come with network connectivity.
3. Reliable products with best build quality and designs.
4. HI-FOCUS provides surveillance systems which are durable and comes with warranty.
5. The services offered by HI-FOCUS are quite satisfactory.

Options Available in HI-FOCUS Surveillance Cameras

Dome Cameras
This range of cameras by HI-FOCUS come with a dome shaped design. It is easy to install on the ceiling which gives a wide angle. The cameras provide high definition video recording.

Bullet Cameras
HI-FOCUS's bullet camera range comes with a cylindrical design. The bullet camera is best suited for the installation at the corners which provide them a wide angle.

Night Vision Cameras
The night camera range by HI-FOCUS helps in the recording of better videos at night. They are infested with infrared technology which helps the camera to record the image at nights. They provide full security to your home and office during night.

Hidden Cameras
With the hidden camera range by HI-FOCUS you can keep an eye on activities of people without letting them know that they are under the surveillance. 

Guide To Buy HI-FOCUS Surveillance Cameras

Colour Image
It is necessary that the cameras take colour images and videos which can help you get the intruder faster as one can easily recognize him.

Motion Sensor
Cameras should have motion sensor so that it records video only when something moves in front of it. There is no point in keep recording videos all the time. 

Quality Picture At Night
Night vision is necessary in cameras as it helps in recording better videos at night so that you can rest assure that your office and home is secure.

Weather Proof
Outdoor installment of the cameras require weather-proof design so that they do not get damaged by sunlight, dust, rain and even snow.

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