Hawks Eye Surveillance Camera Price List

Hawks Eye Surveillance Camera Price List In India

Latest Hawks Eye Surveillance Camera ModelsPrice
Hawks Eye B40 42 2 AHD IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 6,000
Hawks Eye D17-04 1.3 AHD IR Dome CCTV CameraRs. 4,000
Hawks Eye B31 02 2 AHD IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 6,400
Hawks Eye D24 48 1.3 AHD IR Dome CCTV CameraRs. 4,400
Hawks Eye B49 42 1.3 AHD IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 8,200
Hawks Eye D24 48 2 AHD IR Dome CCTV CameraRs. 5,200
Hawks Eye B37 42 2 AHD IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 7,800
Hawks Eye B56 42 2 AHD IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 8,000
Hawks Eye B37 42 1.3 AHD IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 6,900
Hawks Eye B42 36 2 AHD IR Bullet CCTV CameraRs. 5,800
Hawk's Eye Surveillance Camera

Hawk's Eye is an Indian company established to offer security surveillance accessories in the market. It provides its products with technologies such as end-to-end imaging, intelligent analog, AHD, hybrid and IP video surveillance. The company designs products such as CCTV cameras, high-definition IP video surveillance cameras and many more. The services provided by this company are quite satisfactory, and one can get the required product or the service at a nominal price.

This page will help you find out the best Hawk's Eye surveillance camera available in the market. You can get your hands on the best product by making use of the filter search provided on the page. You will get to pick from an array of models, and you can even compare the price online.

5 Reasons To Buy Hawk's Eye Surveillance Camera

1. Hawk's Eye surveillance cameras come with internet accessibility.
2. Hawk's Eye offers free installation services by engineers.
3. They come with high-definition picture quality.
4. You can rest assured of the product quality of Hawk's Eye.
5. Hawk's Eye surveillance cameras are quite durable and come with a warranty.

Options Available in Hawk's Eye Surveillance Cameras

Dome Camera
Hawk's Eye offers a range of dome cameras which come with good image quality. You can choose out of many designs of dome camera for installments at your home or office. It will provide full security from the intruders.

Bullet Cameras
Bullet camera range of Hawk's Eye comes in a cylindrical body which can be installed anywhere in the building. They record videos in high quality and the videos are easy to access with the help of internet.

Night Vision Cameras
The night vision range of cameras by Hawk's Eye uses infrared technology while taking an image or recording videos at night. The night vision cameras help to provide full security even during the night.

Spy Cameras
Hawk's Eye also manufactures spy cameras which are available in different designs. The spy cameras are fitted with various day-to-day useful things and can be used to record good quality of audios and videos.

Guide To Buy Hawk's Eye Surveillance Cameras

The camera should be able to record video with a range of colors to get a proper description of the intruder's clothing or the car which stopped at your door during the night.

Motion Sensor
While buying a camera, you should ensure that the camera is infested with motion sensor or not. Motion sensor helps in activating the camera only when an object moves in front of it.

The camera should be weather-proof if you wish to install it outdoors. Dust, sunlight, and rain should not cause harm to the camera.

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