Zebronics Speaker Price List

Zebronics Speaker Price List In India

Latest Zebronics Speaker ModelsPrice
Zebronics 6860 BTRUCF 5.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 3,990
Zebronics Dhoom BT RUCF 5.1 Tower SpeakerRs. 13,500
Zebronics SWT6600RUCF 5.1 Multimedia SpeakerRs. 4,900
Zebronics Globe Bluetooth SpeakerRs. 790
Zebronics Amazer Bluetooth SpeakerRs. 1,999
Zebronics SW276RUF Multimedia SpeakerRs. 3,419
Zebronics T7400RUCF Multimedia SpeakerRs. 8,200
Zebronics BT361 RUCF 2.2 Channel Multimedia SpeakerRs. 3,600
Zebronics BT7600RUCF Multimedia SpeakerRs. 9,899
Zebronics 2530 2.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 1,999
Zebronics Speakers Prices 2017
If music is life, then speakers add a spark to it. The exhilaration of listening music with clear and qualitative voice adds more joy and thrill to life. Hence, picking the right speaker that suits your personal need for music is essential. On this page, your will be able to compare various models of Zebronics speakers available on leading e-commerce websites.

How to Buy Zebronics Speakers Online?
Whether you possess a home theatre or a basic music system, attaching its strings with the speakers are sure to brighten and rejuvenate your monotonous life.

The inbuilt speakers of music devices rarely fulfil the cravings of a musical soul. The qualitative speaker set is what would be required to settle down the desires of listening music at the high volume. With many brands available in the market, selecting the precise speakers might be a tough choice. So, comparing the specifications, prices, and the features become an important task.

Compare Speakers
The right specs, bass and easy GUI and excellent sound performance make a good speaker. When you are about to compare, then there are some of the aspects that you must look at, like type, configuration, and total power output. If you have just made yourself with the world of music, then it is not necessary to purchase the costliest speakers. Just compare the features depending on the function (desktop, movie theatre or portable) and placement (floor, desk or wall). Also, decide between buying a wireless or wired one.

Speakers Price Comparison
Since the prices of a single model are going to vary at the different websites, it is recommended to compare the prices as well. You might or might not feel a significant difference but it can make a difference. Comparing the prices will go a long way in getting you a good deal.

Why Zebronics Speakers?
Zebronics is one of the leading companies in the market when it comes to speakers. With the wide range of speakers, this company has something for everyone. You can quickly find a type of Zebronics speaker that suits your budget.

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