Intex Speaker Price List

Intex Speaker Price List In India

Latest Intex Speaker ModelsPrice
Intex Power SUFB 4.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 6,400
Intex It 12004 TUFB 2.0 Channel SpeakerRs. 10,499
Intex IT 9500 SUFB 2.0 Channel SpeakerRs. 8,300
Intex IT 2618 SUF 4.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 3,500
Intex IT 4250 TUF 5.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 3,890
Intex IT 12002 SUFB 2.0 Channel Tower SpeakerRs. 8,990
Intex IT 600B SUF 5.1 Channel Multimedia SpeakerRs. 3,319
Intex IT Craze 5.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 4,206
JBL STUDIO 280 SpeakerRs. 56,991
Intex IT 465 SUF 5.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 6,990
Intex Speakers Prices 2017
Speakers have become an integral part of every music lover’s life. Watching movies and listening songs seems incomplete unless or until a fantastic set of speakers is attached. Although, you might find inbuilt speakers in the devices that you are using, to enjoy the better sound quality, you need external speakers.

There are plenty of brands which manufacture speakers, but Intex has made its stature over the past few years. Moreover, with the availability of the Intex speakers at the online stores, it has become even easier to purchase it. On this page, you will be able to compare and evaluate various Intex speakers that suit your budget.

How to Buy Intex Speakers Online?
To make the right investment into a speaker of your liking, ensure that you buy the best among the rest. This can be easily done online. You would need to compare some of the aspects of the different speakers before circling the one for you. These aspects can be anything, from the customer ratings to the prices of the speakers. Buying Intex speakers will give you an opportunity to compare multiple models, and then select the best one.

Compare Speakers
The perfect speaker for you is out there. The first factor you need to consider before taking a call is the function of the speaker (desktop, laptop, movie theatre or portable) Apart from the ratings and the reviews, read up about the features and functions of the various speakers before shortlisting one. Also check the power, frequency, and size of speaker that suits your needs.

Compare Prices
When it comes to the pricing, you can get speakers across a wide price spectrum. Once you have selected the model of your liking, then you must compare its prices available on different e-commerce websites. This comparison will help you in getting your hands on a better deal, not only regarding the specs but price as well.

Why Intex Speakers?
Intex is successfully managing people's demand since 1996. Since 20 years, this company has been capable enough of making its stand in the competitive world of gadgets. And, the good thing is that people are relying on its products as well. By choosing Intex, you are going to select durability.

Compare Intex Speakers on CompareRaja
CompareRaja, as the name suggests, is a comparison website that allows you to compare the prices of the different products. If you are going to buy Intex speakers, then don’t forget to visit CompareRaja and compare even the tiniest detail that can help you in purchasing to a great extent.