iBall Speaker Price List

iBall Speaker Price List In India

Latest iBall Speaker ModelsPrice
iBall Boom Box 5.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 4,468
iBall DJ22 2.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 2,499
iBall Melodia Bluetooth SpeakerRs. 730
iBall DJ X7 2.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 2,289
iBall Musi Poison Bluetooth SpeakerRs. 1,990
iBall Hi Basss 2.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 2,719
iBall SoundBuzz i5 Portable SpeakerRs. 1,599
iBall Breathless BT49 4.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 8,040
iBall Dynamite BT4 4.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 5,999
iBall MJ BT54 5.1 Channel SpeakerRs. 3,620
iBall Speaker Prices 2017
You must have come across many companies that offer speakers with amazing sound quality. Today, with the presence of the speakers on the e-commerce websites, it has become quite easy to purchase the one you like. Talking about the companies that manufacture speakers, iBall does not lack behind when it comes to offering the world-class quality. On this page, you can evaluate various speakers offered by iBall to bring home a winner.

How to Buy iBall Speaker Online?
If you are a true music lover, then, you would understand how the right set of speakers can make the music come alive. Many music lovers buy their music gadgets to match the quality of the speakers. So as an audiophile, you need to scrutinise every little feature of the speakers you buy.

When you are purchasing the speakers online, you have to be a bit more attentive towards the advantages you are going to have for your investment. Surely, you can search through a lot of varieties of speakers, suiting your budget. But, before you zero down on a particular speaker, go through all the aspects once.

Why iBall Speakers?
iBall is one of the renowned and celebrated brands in India. This brand is known for its computer peripherals and other gadgets as well. Moreover, the speakers by this brand are much considerate and are creating a lot of hype in the music world.

Compare Offers
While checking out the speakers, firstly check whether you need to go for wired ones or wireless. Also decide with which gadget the speakers will be used. Decide if you need a portable one, one for your music system, home theatre or your laptop/desktop. There are various models available that work best with these music gadgets. The functions vary based on the usage such as surround sound for movie theatre speakers.

Compare Prices
You are most likely to find out different prices for the same product at various websites. So, it is recommended that you compare the prices. By comparing the prices, you will be able to grab a better deal at a more reasonable price. Therefore, consider the price tag before making the payment. Also, check the return policy offered by the vendor.

Compare iBall Speakers on CompareRaja
CompaReraja helps you in comparing the prices of different speaker models. You can compare the speakers by many brands at once. Not just that, but you can also read the reviews by the customers, which will further help you in selecting the best product.