Pebble Smart Watch Price List

Pebble Smart Watch Price List In India

Latest Pebble Smart Watch ModelsPrice
Pebble 2 Plus Heart SmartwatchRs. 8,786
Pebble Steel SmartwatchRs. 10,550
Pebble Time Steel SmartwatchRs. 13,999
Pebble Time Round SmartwatchRs. 11,137
Pebble Time SmartwatchRs. 6,711
Pebble Classic SmartwatchRs. 6,257
Pebble Smartwatches Prices 2017

If you are looking for something that is a little more old-school digital, then Pebble Smartwatches is the right fit for you. You can find different types of Smartwatches available under the Pebble brand on this page. Along with features, you can find the latest prices offered for each of its models on the leading e-commerce sites such as Amazon, PayTm, Flipkart, etc. The information is updated to ensure that you make an informed choice. 

Finding The Best Pebble Smartwatch 

Pebble Smartwatches come in different types and sizes to suit your specifications and needs. With Pebble smartwatches, you can check your mail and even keep track of your fitness with ease. The unique feature about Pebble that you definitely cannot miss is, instead of a touch screen, it has the buttons. So you don't even need to look into the watch to change the music track. With radials that will help you choose the option you require, you can be sure that there is no room for error. 

Why Pebble Smartwatches?

Pebble Smartwatches have almost all the features that you look for in a smartwatch except for a touch screen. However, if you can look past that minor detail, you will see that it is water and scratch proof, comes with an excellent connectivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services and it even has the latest version of Bluetooth i.e. Bluetooth v.4. 

Features To Look Out For Before Buying Smartwatches

Some of the features you need to look out for is the wifi capability, dial shape and of course, the operating system that it is compatible with. From iOS8 to the latest Android 4.0 and above updates, you can be sure that the Pebble Smartwatches can be compatible with almost all the phones.

Product Price Comparison

The prices of the Pebble Smartwatches are quite reasonable, and with them being sold on different platforms, it is not surprising that the prices between them differ. One thing that you can look out for are the various deals and discounts that you get on these sites and compare them to see which deal suits you better. 

Use CompareRaja For Buying Pebble Smartwatches

If you are looking to get the Pebble Smartwatch, then CompareRaja is the best site for you. With great deals and discounts, you can easily compare up to four products and choose the right one for you by making an informed decision.