Smart Watch Price List in India

Smart Watch Price List

Latest Smart WatchesPrice
Huawei Watch 2 4G SmartwatchRs. 29,999
Huawei Watch 2 Classic SmartwatchRs. 25,999
Huawei Watch 2 SmartwatchRs. 19,999
Metronaut MTS003 SmartWatchRs. 1,599
Metronaut X9 SmartWatchRs. 3,999
Toggr Junior SmartWatchRs. 2,699
Metronaut GV68 SmartWatchRs. 3,999
Ticwatch 2 SmartwatchRs. 14,999
Ambrane ASW-11 SmartwatchRs. 899
Felix GT08 SmartwatchRs. 1,042

List of Smart Watch Brands

Medulla Smart Watches| Eleganz Smart Watches| HealthMax Smart Watches| Animate Smart Watches| Noosy Smart Watches| Goospery Smart Watches| Bingo Smart Watches| ROOQ Smart Watches| Shrih Smart Watches| Michael Kors Smart Watches| TomTom Smart Watches| Qtec Smart Watches| Huawei Smart Watches| Felix Smart Watches| Zakk Smart Watches| Outsmart Smart Watches| Noise Smart Watches| Infinitycarts Smart Watches| Kenxinda Smart Watches| Alcatel Smart Watches|View All

Compare Smartwatch Prices Online at CompareRaja

Long gone are the days when the wrist watches were meant only to show you the time. In today’s digital era, where everybody is obsessed with everything smart, the smartwatches have become the order of the day. These amazing wearable devices do much more than showing you time, they have the capacity to sync with your smart mobile phone and show notifications of calls, messages, e-mail and much more. You can literally operate your phone, without actually touching your phone, thanks to the smart watch.

These smart watches pretty much look like the ordinary wrist watches expect that they are packed with a range of unimaginable features. Who would have thought a few years ago, that you can actually do things with your wrist watch that only the Hollywood heroes did in all the fancy sci-fi movies? But that is a reality now.

New Trends in Smartwacthes

With the growing popularity of these smart watches, almost all the leading tech giants in the world are engaged in a battle to produce the best smart watch and win a huge customer base. While the battle for the market supremacy is on, it is advisable for the buyers to take a look into the new trends in the smart watch segment. Well the initial smart watches were only basic that provided you notifications and helped you receive and make call through your phone, the modern day models are equipped with a plethora of features. Some of the amazing features includes it has the capacity to keep track of your fitness, it stores data on your daily work out, the smart watch can play music on voice command, you can even schedule a message and do much more. There are smart watches for both iOS and Android users.

Popular Brands offering Smartwatches

Leading the pack of the technology companies that offer smart watches is Apple. The Apple iWatch is sleek, slim and has an attractive design which not only makes it look visually appealing but also it comes loaded with a range of features that promises you to give an incredible user experience. Other popular brands offering smart watches are Samsung, LG, Sony and Motorola. There are also lesser known brands such as Spice and Burg.

Tips to buy Smartwatches

One of the primary factors to consider while buying a smartwatch is the price. There are plenty of models available in the market in different price range. Make sure that you have pre-determined budget and then narrow down your choice. Another important thing to consider is the brand and compatibility to your smartphone. If you are using an iPhone you would definitely have to go to iWatch and for android users there is plenty of choice, you can opt for a Sony, LG or any other lesser known watch but make sure that it is compatible with your phone. Other considerations include the features that you are looking for, the design and looks.

Why to choose compareraja?

Just like buying any other electronic device, you need to do a bit of research and comparison of the features and price of the smartwatches before making your purchase decision. Compareraja is the one stop destination to compare the feature and prices of different models side by side and make an informed buying decision.