Sewing Machine Price List in India

Sewing Machine Price List

Latest Sewing MachinesPrice
Bernette B 33 Electric Sewing MachineRs. 11,500
Bernette B 35 Electric Sewing MachineRs. 13,750
Bernette B 38 Computerised Sewing MachineRs. 35,200
Lifelong SM21 Electric Sewing MachineRs. 3,980
Benison India 00343 Manual Sewing MachineRs. 256
CheckSums 11653 Electric Sewing MachineRs. 1,138
CheckSums 11654 Electric Sewing MachineRs. 1,138
CheckSums 11655 Electric Sewing MachineRs. 1,138
Singer Solo Sewing MachineRs. 3,799
Dealcrox Ultar 459B Sewing MachineRs. 1,189

List of Sewing Machine Brands

CreativeVia Sewing Machines| Zenith Sewing Machines| Tailors Choice Sewing Machines| Aarti Sewing Machines| Benison India Sewing Machines| CheckSums Sewing Machines| Selvel Sewing Machines| Novel Sewing Machines| CPEX Sewing Machines| Italish Sewing Machines| Sewing Art Sewing Machines| Vox Sewing Machines| Gadget Bucket Sewing Machines| Hello Brather Sewing Machines| Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines| Imported Sewing Machines| Inovera Sewing Machines| Revo Sewing Machines| Gold Dust Sewing Machines| Bernina Sewing Machines|View All

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Gone are the days when sewing was simply a tedious task that needed to be completed. Today, sewing has become a passionate hobby, and a means of living for some. The humble sewing machine has been transformed over the years and no longer resembles the quintessential all- black machine, with a rotating hand wheel, and a person foot pressing to get the needle going.


Sewing machines have certain common features. One of them is a needle down feature allows the user to change the needle position as and when necessary as is the case when sewing multiple types of cloths. An automatic needle threader is another important feature that forces a loop of thread into the hole of the needle, saving time in manually doing it. Other features include having a buttonholer to make button holes. Most sewing machines have 4 built in stitches including straight stitch, a zigzag stitch, a button stitch, and a backstitch that allows the consumer to carry out all asic sewing tasks easily.

Latest Features

Like every other piece of equipment available, the sewing machine too has got a digital upgrade. Many new models come with a touch screen. This amazing feature allows the user to outline designs that can be used for embroidery. Another complementing feature available is a calibrated alignment device that ensures that all the embroidery sets in just right.


Brands like Usha, Brother, Novel have been big names in the market of sewing machines for their quality based products. However, there are other brands like Masanima, Accedre, Gadget Bucket etc. that offer good sewing machines at competitive prices.

Things to consider

There are a few aspects that one needs to consider before buying a sewing machine. The first thing to consider is the machine’s portability. If you don’t have a designated place for it, then you may wish to opt for a smaller sewing machine that can be kept in a closet or in a corner. The next thing to consider is the kind of usage that the machine will be put to. If you wish to use the machine for elementary purposes, opting for a sewing machine with limited, uncomplicated features is advisable. Lastly, the price of the sewing machine needs to be taken into consideration.


With the increasing number of features that sewing machines of today offer, it is wise that when it comes to buying a sewing machine, big or small, for home use or commercial, to first checking it out on as it helps you to effectively compare all the available options and arrive at a sewing machine that best suits your needs.