Digisol Router And Modem Price List

Digisol Router And Modem Price List In India

Latest Digisol Router And Modem ModelsPrice
Digisol DG BR4313NG Wireless RouterRs. 3,600
Edimax BR 6208AC Wireless RouterRs. 5,690
Digisol DG-HR3300TA RouterRs. 869
Digisol HR3420 Wireless RoutersRs. 1,499
Digisol DG BR1000NU Wireless RouterRs. 1,499
Digisol DG-BR4000NG Wireless Broadband RouterRs. 1,690
Digisol DG-HR1420 Wireless RouterRs. 1,195
Digisol DG-WM2005SI Access PointRs. 6,274
Digisol DG-HR1060MS 3G RouterRs. 1,850
Digisol DG-BG4100N Wireless RouterRs. 1,499
Digisol Routers and Modems

Digisol is a digital care company that offers a comprehensive range of Wi-Fi products. The company is a flagship product of Smartlink Network Systems Ltd and is a prominent player in the field of the active Networking industry. The company is built with a motive to provide superior quality products with high performance. All their products and services cater to the complete IT needs of home and businesses.

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5 reasons to buy Digisol Products:
  1. The exhaustive range of products- The first and foremost on why to buy our products is our never ending list of the product range that caters to both home and business use! 
  2. Reliable and durable products- Another reason why to invest in our products is that we are experts in what we make. Till now, we have garnered the reputation of highly reliable and durable brand. 
  3. High speed internet- Here, at Digisol we believe, the slow internet is equivalent to the dead internet. So, we offer our clients speed that exceeds their expectation. 
  4. Innovative products- What started as a humble company has now expanded its operations into structured cable system, wi-fi, router and what not..
  5. Competitive rates- Last but not the least; it’s a next generation company that offers consumer electronic devices at competitive rates.
Digisol is a dynamic company that challenges digital eco-system status quo every now and then. Here, we offer a list of their products that translates perfectly into high speed and reliability. Let’s have a look at them:-
  • Broadband Router- Equipped with leading technology, the broadband router will help you to leverage your business to the next level.
  • Wireless broad band router- It is meant for the companies, who want to streamline their cost, improve productivity and increase the efficiency level.
  • Wireless Micro USB adapter- Wireless Micro USB adapter offers maximum productivity to the users.
  • Wireless repeater- it acts as Wi-Fi boosters for the company where speed means a lot. Our experts have designed the products that score high in terms of quality and low in terms of cost.
  • POE port- POE port is a technology meant for local area networks that allow electrical current to be transferred through data cables, not by the power cords.
  • Modern adaptor- the modern adaptor is definitely a twist in contemporary technology.
  • Power bank- power bank is meant for people who have come with a mission for globetrotting. It definitely makes you technological experience pleasant.
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