Room Heater Price List in India

Room Heater Price List

Latest Room HeatersPrice
Eurolex HH 1603 Halogen Room HeaterRs. 2,390
Polar Trendy Fan Room HeaterRs. 1,495
Vornado PVH Room HeaterRs. 16,537
Dimplex AC45N Downflow Fan Room HeaterRs. 46,252
Dimplex DEC750H Heat Convector Room HeaterRs. 39,835
Dimplex MPH1000 Electric Space Room HeaterRs. 39,197
Honeywell HCE100 Mini Fan Room HeaterRs. 3,702
Delonghi HVY1030 Fan Room HeaterRs. 5,714
Lasko 5572 Fan Room HeaterRs. 21,597
Vornado SRTH Tower Room HeaterRs. 8,259

List of Room Heater Brands

Maharaja Whiteline Room Heaters| Singer Room Heaters| Orient Room Heaters| Baltra Room Heaters| Khaitan Room Heaters| Turbo Room Heaters| Sunsenses Room Heaters| Vornado Room Heaters| Dimplex Room Heaters| Marc Room Heaters| Skyline Room Heaters| Padmini Room Heaters| Delonghi Room Heaters| Oreva Room Heaters| Sogo Room Heaters| Eurolex Room Heaters| JE Room Heaters| Hytec Room Heaters| Ketaki Room Heaters| Comfort Zone Room Heaters|View All

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Staying in a cold climatic region can have its pros and cons. However, when it comes to room heating, home owners have a tough time. In regions where temperatures fall below 5 degrees Celsius, room heating is a must. Ordinary room heaters may be cost effective, but there are chances that they may not function properly when they are kept on for a very long time.

In the Victorian times, rooms had fireplaces that used wood as fuel to heat the rooms. Today, the conventional fireplaces have been replaced with electric heaters or gas heaters. Each of these has their pros and cons. There are various considerations that one needs to keep in mind when buying room heaters. Heating capacity is something that needs to be reviewed very meticulously before selecting the heater. Heating of a room can be done centrally or it can be done individually. If only one or two rooms in a home need to be heated, then one can opt for portable room heaters. The different kinds of room heaters that are available in the market today are electric room heaters, oil-filled column heaters, convection heaters, fan heaters, and radiant heaters.

Convection heaters provide background heat by warming the air near the elements. Natural warm air circulates in the entire room giving warmth to the people staying inside. Electric heaters are flexible, versatile, safe and reliable. They have low installation costs as compared with the other room heaters. There is no carbon dioxide emission when the electric heater is on. This is a wonderful innovative feature that holds great significance in today’s time as the problems of global warming has become a major social issue. A variation of the electric heater is the ceramic heaters. These heaters have ceramic plates and aluminum baffles. Electricity heats up the ceramic and the aluminum absorbs the heat. A fan then circulates the hot air to the different parts of the room. As compared to the regular electric heaters, the ceramic heaters are energy efficient and they are safe to use too.

Some of the most common international brands of heaters are NewAir, King, Dimplex, Soleus, Qmark, Vornado, Cadet etc

Fan heaters are the conventional electric heaters that were widely used in the last decade. This heater may still be used in some houses that are very small in area. The cost factor is one of the most important factors in buying the heater for a room. It is best to read unbiased reviews online before taking a buying decision. In addition, users can also consult the various dealers and get their opinion on which type of heater would be suitable for their home.

A good comparison website like provides all online shoppers with some of the best options for devices like room heaters. The websites provides immense information regarding the features and prices of the different heaters available in the market and thereby help shoppers make the right choice.