Single Door Refrigerator Price List

Single Door Refrigerator Price List

Latest Single Door Refrigerator ModelsPrice
Godrej RD EDGE 185 CT 2.2 185 Litres Single Door Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 12,290
Haier HRD 1954PBS R 195 Litres Single Door Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 13,599
Haier HRD 1953SMS R 195 Litres Single Door Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 11,899
LG GL B181RRLU ARLZEBN 185 Litres Single Door Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 11,299
LG GL B201APDX APDZEBN 190 Litres Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 16,199
Whirlpool 230 IMFRESH PRM 3S Single Door 215 Litres Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 15,343
LG GL B201ASDX Single Door 190 Litres Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 14,648
Haier HRD 2156CGI R 195 Litres Single Door Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 14,729
Samsung RR19H1844VJ Single Door 192 Litres Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 14,490
Samsung RR22K272ZS8 Single Door 212 Litres Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 17,250

Single Door Refrigerator Price List2017

Refrigerators are a must-have item in the list of necessities. Whether you want a simple single door or double, depends on the space and use. The good news is if you are low on budget and want something small and simple, single door options are plenty and available at reasonable prices. This page can help you make just the right choice when buying single door fridges by listing all the single-door refrigerators by all the leading brands. Not only that, but you can also get the latest price of a particular product offered by all the leading e-commerce portals.

What is Single Door Refrigerator?

A single door refrigerator is just like any other fridge which comes with a single door. These are compact in design and come with a handle. This can be placed on the right or left side, choose as per your convenience. This one does not come with a multitude of options in freezers, chillers, and vegetable trays, but perform well.

Why Single Door Refrigerator?

You get all the best features in a space saving design. A single door refrigerator practically does everything you expect any other to do. Yes, it not always comes with the most advanced features, but takes care of all the basic needs and at the most reasonable price. When there is a crunch of space, and you are not willing to spend too much, this is the best bet.

Best Single Door Refrigerators available?

Even with some of the most inspiring models of refrigerators, single door options are the most convenient for most households, especially those with a space crunch. This is why the bestselling brands like Kelvinator, Electrolux, LG, Whirlpool, Sansui, etc. have not stopped making these still. Choose from the best brands and exciting prices.

Compare Single Door Refrigerators?

Confused about which refrigerator to buy? Well, go with simple comparisons like capacity, freezer type (if you are using it for a number of purposes and very often), check the capacity along with actual capacity, ice trays, the number of shelves and the type. Also, find out what are the additional features available and if they are worth the money you are splurging.

Why compare Single Door Refrigerators at CompareRaja?

Find the best prices and the most exciting deals at CompareRaja. When you wish to explore from among a number of brands and get the best discounts. You have the option of comparing up to four good products of your choice and find out which suits your needs best by comparing each feature.