Samsung Refrigerator Price List

Samsung is one of the leaders when it comes to refrigerators. The South-Korean electronics giant consistently tops sales charts for consumer electronics. Innovation, high-quality, durability, an extensive service network are some of the pros of buying a Samsung refrigerator for your home. Some of the latest innovations from Samsung in refrigerators are Food Showcase in which you can view what’s inside your fridge without opening the door, thereby conserving electricity and making food stay fresh longer. Apart from this, there are also 5-in-1 Convertible refrigerators (you can use a single fridge in five different modes like regular, vacation, home-alone, extra storage, and seasonal). Some of the popular refrigerator styles from Samsung are Family Hub, French-doors, side-by-side, double door, and a single door. The Samsung Refrigerator Price list here contains the latest price of 800+ models from 10+ online retailers. Take a closer look using the in-depth images. Browse through the key specifications to pick the right model for your kitchen.

Samsung Refrigerator Price List In India

Latest Samsung Refrigerator ModelsPrice
Samsung RT34M5538S8/HL Double Door 324 Litre Frost Free RefrigeratorRs. 33,490
Samsung RR24M2Y2ZR3/NL Single Door 230 Litre Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 18,790
Samsung RR19M10C1RH/HL Single Door 192 Litre Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 11,349
Samsung RT37M5518S8/HL Double Door 345 Litre Frost Free RefrigeratorRs. 36,990
Samsung RT42M553ESL/TL Double Door 415 Litre Frost Free RefrigeratorRs. 46,736
Samsung RT28N3722UT/HL Double Door 253 Litres Frost Free RefrigeratorRs. 23,999
Samsung RS62K60A7SL TL 674 Litres Frost Free Side by Side RefrigeratorRs. 80,817
Samsung RR19M1712RJ HL 192 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 11,999
Samsung RR19M2711DZ NL 192 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 13,900
Samsung RR20M2Z2XU7 NL 192 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 19,950
Samsung Refrigerator Prices 2018

Samsung, a South Korean multinational conglomerate was founded in 1938. It encompasses innumerable affiliated businesses and subsidiaries. Samsung is the largest South Korean conglomerate business. If talking about the refrigerators, then Samsung has been offering some of the bewildering designs and contours of refrigerators. Thus, it is not laborious to have faith in this brand. Moreover, after comparing some of the features, you can easily find an amazing model that suits your requirements the best.

On this CompareRaja page, you can look out for different models of Samsung Refrigerators. On the top of that, you get an opportunity to refine your search results based on user ratings, door type, capacity, star rating, freezer type, and more. Furthermore, you can even compare the models and find out the best prices available on prominent e-sites, like Amazon, TataCliQ, Flipkart, SnapDeal, etc.

5 Reasons to Purchase Samsung Refrigerator

A. High and upgraded quality along with every model.
B. Amazing features that help in saving power consumption as well as utility bills.
C. Vibrant colours and stylish contours to complement the interiors of your kitchen.
D. Compact yet spacious.
E. 78 years of reputation of Samsung.

Different Models of Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung offers a broad variety of refrigerators to match distinct needs of the customers. So, here are some such models that you can explore while searching for the best fridge.

French Door:
This refrigerator is made up of toughened glass. It consists of Digital Inverter Technology and Triple Fresh Cooling Technology. The features that have been integrated into this refrigerator are door alarm, freezer lamp, bottom freezer, and some other aspects.

Side by Side:
This refrigerator has Twin Cooling System Technology. Some of the intriguing features you are sure to get from this refrigerator, including Digital Inverter Technology, Home Bar, 9 Smart Sensors, Twist Ice Maker, LED Light, Power Cool, Door Alarm, LED Display and Control, and others.

Top Mount Freezer:
This is one of the most popular series in the list of Samsung refrigerators. The features are extraordinary, like Digital Inverter Technology, Twin Cooling Plus, Convertible 5 Modes, Smart Connect Automatic Inverter, Power Cool, Coolpack 12 Hours, Digital Display, Power Freeze, Easy Slide Shelf, Anti-Bacteria Protector, Lock & Key, etc.

Food Showcase:
Food Showcase refrigerator helps you picking up the items instantly. The exterior, as well as interior showcases, allow you to get access to the frequently used items. The refrigerators in this series come with metal cooling, high-efficiency LED Lighting, Automatic In-Door Ice Maker, and LED Display with Water and Ice Dispenser.
How to Purchase the Best Model of Samsung Refrigerator?

When it comes to style, then you must check out different models on the basis of your requirements. If you are looking for an economical fridge, then you can choose Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator.

The features are the ultimate stop where you have to pay more attention. Decide on whether your inclination is towards ice maker or water dispenser. In the case of the former, you can go for a side by side refrigerator. And, in the case of the latter, you can go for a French door refrigerator.

The type can also be based on the food items you are planning to store in your refrigerator. If you are not always left with much time on hand in the morning because of the daily chores, then you can choose a food showcase.

One of the most important considerations is the accessibility to the stored items. For instance, if you need to access the freezer quite often, go for the top mount freezer, but if it is otherwise, bottom freezer refrigerator may be a better option. If you know the fridge gets opened a lot; a side-by-side fridge may work better. This is because the items which need constant temperature can be kept in another compartment which is not accessed much. However, if you need to keep large items like pizza boxes, then a French door provides better width.

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