LG Refrigerator Price List

LG Refrigerator Price List In India

Latest LG Refrigerator ModelsPrice
LG GL Q282RSOY 255 Litres Single Door Frost Free RefrigeratorRs. 24,939
LG GL I472QPZL 420 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 49,890
LG GL I322RPZY 308 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 30,396
LG GL 051SSW 45 Litres Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 8,950
LG GL B241APZX 235 Litres Single Door Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs. 18,028
LG GL Q282SSAR 255 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 22,999
LG GL D191KPZU APZZEBN 188 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 14,900
LG GL B201ADSW 190 L Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 13,671
LG GL T292RPZY 260 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 24,499
LG GL I452TAWL 407 Litres Double Door Frost Free RefrigeratorRs. 47,990

LG Refrigerator prices 2017

LG Corporation, a South Korean conglomerate was established in 1947. By dealing in electronics, telecommunications, information technology, power generation, and some other sectors, LG has inveterated its significance worldwide. The refrigerators presented by this company are innovative and highly technological. And, as far as the reliability of the brand is concerned, then the worth possessed by LG in every part of the world is not concealed. Since LG has to offer innumerable models of Refrigerators; hence, you may withstand a hard time while choosing the unsurpassed model.

This page can be a helping hand when it comes to shopping for an LG Refrigerator. Here, you can refine your search as per the Price, Door Type, Capacity, Freezer Type, Refrigerator Type, and some of the other prominent factors. Not just that, but you can also make a comparison among four models at the same time. After finalising the model of your choice, you can then compare the prices available on the leading e-commerce websites, like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, etc.

5 Reasons to Buy LG Refrigerator

  • Less power consumption, longer lifespan, and extended durability is what you gain from LG refrigerator.
  • One model can serve many purposes.
  • LG refrigerators have striking designs.
  • User preference and adequate customer service.
  • Smart and unconventional models to choose from.

Various Types of Refrigerators by LG

Whenever it comes to purchasing a refrigerator, then the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is LG. So, here are some of the best models by LG that you can navigate through.

Side by Side Refrigerator:

These refrigerators have the latest technology to boost. The impressive designs and the head-turning contour of these refrigerators are sure to charm you at one glance. There will be no need to open up the entire fridge just to get one single thing, thanks to its side by side doors. It has dual evaporators, more than enough space, and slim indoor ice maker.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator:

These refrigerators are packed with style, technology, and capacity. You are going to get a lot of space, better access to food, quick cooling system, flexible door shelving, and much more.

Double Door Refrigerator:

In this series, LG presents the regular modified in style. The features that you can expect in these refrigerators are multi-air flow cooling technology, reversible door, four sensors, water dispenser, and many others.

Single Door Refrigerator:

This series offers sophistication as well as fashion. You can avail the benefits of cell Fresh crisper, instant ice, and eco mode.

How to Buy the Right LG Refrigerator Model?


It is important to figure out the size of the refrigerator before buying it. If you have a small family, then a single door refrigerator will be the best option for you. On the other hand, a double door refrigerator can serve precisely to a large family.


Doors matter when you have to differentiate between the foods. If you have both vegans and non-vegetarians in your family, then you can invest in a side by side refrigerator.


If you don’t use the freezer too frequently, bottom-mounted freezer refrigerators may be a perfect choice.


The refrigerators are nothing less than a voguish home appliance. And, for all those people, who are style conscious when it comes to even the littlest thing, the style of the fridge matters. So, you can check out the different designs of side by side refrigerator or bottom freezer refrigerator.

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