Haier Refrigerator Price List

If you’re looking for a refrigerator that not only functions efficiently but is also aesthetically pleasing, then Haier is right up your alley. The Chinese consumer electronics titan has a wide variety of refrigerators for home use. From compact single door refrigerators to large, family hub units, Haier has got it all. Some of the latest features present in Haier refrigerators are 1-hour ice-cooling technology, Jhukna Mat, Fuzzy logic, LCD mirror-touch control, 360-degree air flow, ROHS compliance and several others. Some of the popular styles of Haier refrigerators are French doors, side-by-side doors, double-doors, single-door, bottom mounted freezer and so on. Make use of the curated list of all the latest models of Haier refrigerators with accompanying images and detailed technical specifications. Use the latest Haier refrigerator price list to find the right model that fits within your budget.

Haier Refrigerator Price List In India

Latest Haier Refrigerator ModelsPrice
Haier HRF 618GS 565 Litres Frost Free Side by Side RefrigeratorRs. 57,900
Haier HRD 1954CKG 195 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 17,300
Haier HRD 1703BRO 170 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 11,590
Haier HRF 3674BS R E 347 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 26,999
Haier HRF 2674CBD R 247 Litres Double Door Frost Free RefrigeratorRs. 20,999
Haier HRD 1954PRD R 195 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 14,899
Haier HRB 3654 PRL R 345 Litres Double Door Frost Free RefrigeratorRs. 31,576
Haier HRF 3304BS R E 310 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 24,499
Haier HRF 3554BS R E 335 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 24,990
Haier HRD 1903BRO R E 190 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 10,499
Haier Refrigerators Prices 2018

Haier is a reputed Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer having its presence in several countries. It was founded in the year 1984 and is known to have one of the largest retail volume market share in the major appliances segment all over the world. By combining most advanced of technologies with durable products, the brand is known to offer an extensive range of value-for-money products.

As the company offers a wide range of refrigerators, buyers often find the task of selecting a Haier refrigerator daunting. On this page, buyers can find all the latest Haier refrigerators along with detailed information about their features and prices. Buyers can compare the features of multiple models and price across several online stores to pick the best product at the lowest online price.

5 Reasons to Buy Haier Refrigerator

A. World-renowned Chinese technology
B. Internationally approved manufacturing standards
C. Innovative technologies and features
D. Extended warranty
E. Excellent customer support

Different Types of Haier Refrigerators

Bottom Mounted Refrigerators:
The Bottom Mounted Refrigerators offered by Haier allows users to easily use the refrigeration portion of the refrigerator by reducing bending up to 90%. It comes with 1HIT (1 Hour Icing Technology), Larger Vegetable Crisper, Separate Fruit Box, Bigger Cool Pad and 10 Years Warranty.

Top Mount Frost Free:
As the name suggests, the freezing compartment in the Top Mount Frost Free refrigerators is located above the refrigeration compartment. Available in several colours and capacities, the refrigerators in this series have 1HIT Technology, 360 Degree Cooling System, Chiller Tray, Bigger Cool Pad and carry ten years warranty.

Side By Side & French Door (SBS):
The Side By Side & French Door refrigerators from Haier come with an extensive range of innovative features which make them perfect for any modern home. The ROHS compliant refrigerators have features, like LCD Mirror Touch Control, Auto Ice Maker, and Fuzzy Logic Technology to provide buyers with the latest in refrigeration technology.

Buying the Right Haier Refrigerator
As a buyer, one needs to consider a number of factors when buying a new Haier refrigerator. Some of the most important ones are:

Door Type:
Haier refrigerators are available with Single Doors, Double Doors and Side by Side Doors. While Single doors are for very small families or single users, double doors and side-by-side is apt for medium to big family.

Freezer Type:
Buyers who use the freezer section very commonly should prefer buying a Haier refrigerator with a top-mounted refrigerator for enhanced convenience. Else, the bottom-mounted refrigerator will allow users to access the fridge without having to bend down. The brand also offers refrigerators with deep freezers for quick freezing.

Refrigerator Type:
Hair refrigerators can be divided into two categories on the basis of the type of refrigerator- Frost Free and Direct Cool. There is no build-up of frost in the frost-free models whereas; direct cool models require you to automatically or manually remove the frost on a regular basis.

Additional Considerations:
Apart from these, make sure that you also consider that Star Rating of the refrigerator, depth of compartments and warranty to make sure that the selected model delivers the results that you are looking for over a long period.

Comparing Haier Refrigerators with CompareRaja

CompareRaja allows buyers to make a side-by-side comparison of up to four Haier refrigerators to allow them to understand their differences easily. With the help of available filters, buyers can instantly narrow down the options and select a refrigerator which perfectly suits their preferences. And once the model is selected, the platform also allows you to purchase it at the lowest online price to ensure significant savings.