Refrigerator Price List in India

The days when fridges were just large cold boxes to store food are long gone. Today’s fridges flaunt an array of innovations like touchscreens, door-in-door technology, convertible refrigerators based on the amount of food inside, instant cooling solutions and much more. Check out the updated refrigerator price after GST to find the right model that fits your budget. The refrigerator price list features 800+ models from leading brands like Samsung, LG, Kelvinator, Godrej, Whirlpool, Panasonic and several others. With the list being regularly updated, you’re assured of the best refrigerator prices online. The rates apply to cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. If you’re located elsewhere, you can expect slight variations in the rates listed here due to shipping charges and other costs. However, most retailers offer a uniform price throughout the country, so you may not incur additional charges depending on your location.

Refrigerator Price List

Latest RefrigeratorsPrice
LG GL T322RPZN 308 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 31,999
Samsung RT34M3043S8 HL 321 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 28,648
LG GN H602HLHU 516 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 60,690
LG GL R372JPZN 335 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 39,399
Whirlpool 230 Vitamagic Roy 5S 215 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 21,199
LG GL T302RPZN 284 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 31,499
Samsung RR24M289YR2 NL 230 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 22,890
LG GL B281BSDX 270 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 23,370
Whirlpool Pro 375 ELT 3S 360 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 36,000
LG GL D221AMLN DMLZEBN 215 Litres Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 18,899

List of Refrigerator Brands

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If there is one home appliance that is loved by every member in the family, it is the refrigerator. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine a life without a refrigerator at home. For the foodie in the house, it is the most sacred thing. A fridge is an essential part of the kitchen tool; it not only allows the users to keep their food stored safely without the risk of the food getting stale but also helps in keeping food items preserved for latter usage.

A fridge is surely one of the best technological discoveries. Since the first model of the refrigerator was invented, the machine has evolved continuously and has undergone various innovations not only in terms of technology and features but also in terms of design and models. Today, the refrigerator market is filled with units from different companies. It is also available in different storage capacities. You can choose from a fridge that has a capacity of 200 litres to more than 600 litres. Another important feature is the fridge door type. You may opt from a single door, double door, triple door, side by side door, French door, or even a food showcase!

The advancement in refrigerator technology has made way for newer products to come up constantly. The latest is the dual cooling system that has a different air flow system for the freezer and another for the rest of the compartment. The biggest advantage of the technology is that it prevents mixing of odours of the different food items stored inside the refrigerator. Besides, it also keeps the fridge smelling good every time the users open the door. One of the recent advancement in the refrigerator manufacturing technology is the use of high tech sensors within the units. This technology automatically works in sensing the temperature of the food item and automatically adjusts the temperature around it to keep it fresh and retain its nutritional value.

The refrigerator market is filled with multiple sellers like Samsung, Godrej, Videocon, Sharp, Electrolux, Haier, Kelvinator, LG, Whirlpool, Croma, and IFB. Each brand has its own market share and customer loyalty.

By virtue of being a product of daily use, you need to put some thought into what sort of refrigerator you require. If you think you need a lot of storage space, opt for a high capacity fridge. Take into account the energy that the fridge will consume and the resulting electricity bills.

It can seem quite overwhelming to have to choose from a hundred different products, but will help you to effectively arrive at your desired choice.

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Refrigerators are known for keeping your food fresh and edible for longer periods of time. With new and improved functions such as customised cooling systems, new storage spaces, ice dispensers and more, refrigerators come with a lot of different advantages to them. Many refrigerators are also eco-friendly. With various types, sizes, colours, and functions, refrigerators are one of the most staple needs in every household. If you are looking to choose a refrigerator from top brands such as Whirlpool, Samsung, Godrej and more, CompareRaja is the right place for you. Get the refrigerator that fits in with your needs and budget by comparing up to four products and brands only at CompareRaja!

Things to keep in mind before Buying a Refrigerator

A refrigerator helps to store food for future consumption at the right temperature. It also protects shelf life of food and makes it last longer. Check out the tips mentioned below just before you buy a refrigerator.

1. The different types of refrigerators available are viz.
  • Refrigerator with French doors: Two doors open outwards, while the freezer is at the bottom.
  • Refrigerator with side-by-side doors: The doors open outside while the freezer and the fridge are placed side by side each other.
  • Top Freezer: The freezer occupies the top part of the body while the fridge is at the bottom.
  • Bottom freezer: The fridge sits above the freezer, which is at the lower level of the body.

Each of these fridges serve the same purpose. And you need to zero down upon your preference keeping in mind which refrigerator could be convenient to use in the kitchen especially when you are cooking, apart from matching your kitchen ambience.

2. The Available Space -
The refrigerator model you select should fit perfectly into the designated space in your kitchen.
Regarding shelf space within the refrigerator – An 185 to 235-litre variety will serve well a family of 2, while a family of 3-4 will need around 235 to 300 litres to stock up temperature-sensitive food, dairy products and beverages.

3. Your Lifestyle - The size of your family and the lifestyle is one of the key factors when deciding a refrigerator. A big family will always prefer “door-in-door” models that offer a decent amount of space for storage.
If you stay alone, you should opt for a traditional top-freezer model. If you have issues bending down, you may want to go with the double doors or choose the ones with a bottom freezer which do not require you to bend much.

4. Your food habits
Features like an ice maker or the number of drawers are all the variable features available in multiple options. You must choose wisely based on your lifestyle. If food storage is your key preference, then you may need a multiple racked fridge, and in case, you are a milk or juice drinker you must opt for a double door fridge with adjustable shelves so that your beverages may fit conveniently.

5. The need for a smart refrigerator

Samsung led the pack in 2016 by introducing its first smart fridge – the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. But we feel it is a bit of an over-rated feature with functions like energy monitoring, kitchen command centres, fridge cameras, voice control, and multi-tasking.
If we consider that for decades, people have done just fine with the regular refrigerators, the present generation too can do without the ‘smart’ fridges.

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FAQs while buying Refrigerator:

How to check which refrigerator is energy efficient?

The energy star certification awarded to the refrigerator denotes its power consumption and energy efficient quotient. You can refer to the details of the energy efficient rating and compare other refrigerator models with same rating or better energy efficient ratings along with product specifications and prices.

Which type of fridge has a maximum capacity? Single or Double door?

Single door refrigerator has only one door and a separate compartment for the freezer, while the Double door refrigerator has two doors, one is for the main unit, and other is for the freezer. Single door refrigerators have a capacity of 50 - 250 litres, while Double door refrigerators come in varied sizes ranging from 235 litres to 495 litres.

Is child lock necessary for refrigerators?

Yes. If you do not wish that your child/children make any changes to the temperature you’ve set in for your refrigerator, then always apply the child lock after making the desired selection of settings.

Is a stabilizer a must for a refrigerator?

Most of the refrigerator manufacturers claim that their devices feature an in-built stabilizer to overcome power outages, but it is better to install an additional one to prevent your previous possession from getting damaged or hampered under extreme power fluctuations.

Which type of refrigerator should I buy? Top freezer or bottom freezer?

The choice entirely depends on the type of comfort you wish to enjoy. Selecting the top mount refrigerator will help you access the fridge as per the traditional practice. But if you do not wish to bend down for taking out things from the main unit, then selecting the model with bottom freezer is the best choice.

What is a frost free refrigerator?

Frost Free is a type of refrigerator that can help in preventing the formation of frost in the freezer compartment of your home appliance. The technology enables you to get free from the pain of switching off your fridge to remove the excess ice from the freezer with a pre-installed heating element that prevents the formation of frost.

What is the ideal capacity of a refrigerator?

In general, the larger the refrigerator unit, the greater is its energy consumption. Refrigerators for domestic use should be not more than 16-20 cubic feet in size.

Does the size of the refrigerator affect the electricity consumption?

Yes, It is imperative that the larger the size of the refrigerator, the more electricity it will consume. These days, increasing range perishable as well as non-perishable food items are stored in the refrigerator for which large size refrigerators are a preferred option.

Out of the available energy efficiency ratings, which one is the best?

Undoubtedly, the 5 Star Energy Rating is the best one as it denotes lowest energy consumption which is better for the environment too.

How much free space should be kept in the refrigerator and the wall?

You must leave 5 cm on top and 10 cm at the back of the appliance to ensure optimal performance of the refrigerator. If there is enough space between the wall and the refrigerator then it gets less heated and performs well. Do refer to the product manual for exact details about this placement.

How to clean my refrigerator?

As per experts, you must clean your refrigerator and freezer compartments once in a month to avoid any stubborn stains, odours, and patches from building up. First, unplug the power of the refrigerator, then use a soft sponge or cotton cloth with mild detergent to clean it. Once done, fix up the shelves, vegetable drawer, and other compartments, and then switch it on.

Is it normal to have moisture in the vegetable drawer?

Yes, it is fine to see moisture in the vegetable drawer. It happens because the water in the vegetables gets evaporated and strikes the bottom surface, resulting in the formation of water droplets.