Hair Curler Price List in India

Everyone likes to keep up the latest trends in the hair care. People use different kinds of cosmetic products and hair care tools but the one tool that is must have for every fashion conscious man/woman is the hair curlers. There is a wide range of hair styling tools available in the market today. Some of them are curling tongs, styling wands, hot air stylers, crimpers, rollers, flexible stylers, multi-stylers, and cordless gas hair stylers. The features or key aspects that everyone must consider while buying hair stylers or hair curlers are width, wattage and temperature settings. While buying hair curlers it is important for the users to consider the length of their hair. For people with short hair, a hair curler with slim plates will best suit their needs. Whereas for people with medium length hair and long hair, hair curlers with medium plates and wide plates will help them get the best hair styles to suit their personal taste.

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Hair Curler Price in India

Latest Hair CurlersPrice
Nova NHC 1818 Hair CurlerRs. 499
Surker SK-1007 Hair CurlerRs. 649
Verma 471B Hair CurlerRs. 220
Rozia HR7330 Hair CurlerRs. 599
Verma A10 Hair CurlerRs. 180
BnB B 45 Rod Hair CurlerRs. 399
Vega H1PRSN Hair CurlerRs. 375
Shrih SH 0242 Hair CurlerRs. 2,699
Mr. Barber CO 25 Hair CurlerRs. 2,499
Mr. Barber CO 19 Hair CurlerRs. 2,500

List of Hair Curler Brands

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