Vega Hair Straightener Price List in India

Vega Hair Straightener Price in India

Latest Vega Hair Straightener ModelsPrice
Vega VHSH-18 Hair StraightenerRs. 649
Vega VHSH06 Hair StraightenerRs. 710
Vega VHSH 07 Hair StraightenerRs. 1,199
Vega VHSH 15 Hair StraightenerRs. 949
Vega VHSCC 01 Hair StraightenerRs. 1,345
Vega VHSH 11 Hair StraightenerRs. 1,910
Vega VHSH 14 Hair StraightenerRs. 693
Vega VHSH 16 Hair StraightenerRs. 1,100
Vega VHSH 01 Hair StraightenerRs. 899
Vega VHSH 23 Hair StraightenerRs. 1,865

Vega Hair Straighteners prices 2018

There are plenty of hair straighteners in the market, and Vega is one of the most bought brands of all. On this page, you can explore various hair straighteners offered by Vega along with their prices, features and more. With information taken from authentic online stores such as Flipkart and Amazon, it is regularly updated to make it easier for you.

How to Buy Straightener Online?

When you are looking for the right Vega hair straightener, just type the keywords in the search menu and hit search. Finding the product that you desire is much easier online than hunting for it in a store. With a high demand, you are sure to find it in all the prominent online shopping sites.

Why should you shop for Vega Hair straighteners online?

Buying your Vega hair straightener online is not easy. You can get better deals for the same as well. In a bid to keep their authenticity alive, you can easily get the guarantee for the product as well as get different payment options for the same, making it the right decision. From net banking to EMI and Cash on Delivery, you can easily find a way to get our favorite Vega straightener.

Features to Look Out for

There are plenty of features you need to look out for when you are buying a hair straightener. From the right plate to keep your hair safe from being burned to proper temperature controls to make it easier to straighten your hair in a jiffy, straighteners have a lot of features you need to look out for. Size is also something you need to look out for depending on where you use it the most.

Product Price Comparison

Before you compare the prices of the Vega hair straighteners, make sure that the product has the same size and features to give you a comprehensive idea about it. Good quality should also be a pre-requisite for your comparison!

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Hair straighteners are the best when they are bought from CompareRaja because you can easily take up to four products and compare them side by side. With the right features and the best prices highlighted, CompareRaja works to giving you a great shopping experience.