Nova Hair Straightener Price List in India

Nova Hair Straightener Price in India

Latest Nova Hair Straightener ModelsPrice
Nova NHS 870 Hair StraightenerRs. 499
Nova NHS 860 Hair StraightenerRs. 349
Nova NHS 800 Hair StraightenerRs. 195
Nova NHC 990 Hair StraightenerRs. 243
Nova NHS-982 Hair StraightenerRs. 699
Nova NHS-900 Hair StraightenerRs. 499
Nova NHS 980 Hair StraightenerRs. 550
Nova NHC 810 Hair StraightenerRs. 399
Nova NHC 992 2 in 1 Hair StraightenerRs. 400
Nova NHC 817 Hair StraightenerRs. 295

Nova Hair Straightener Prices 2018

The most stylish people in the world have bad hair days. Do you know how they deal with them? One arsenal they have in their bathroom cabinet is a hair straightener. When you have to rush out for a special event and just don’t have the time to style your hair, a hair straightener like Nova’s works wonders in a few minutes to give you straight, glossy tresses hanging down your back attractively. And if you are confused about which model to pick, don’t worry. On this page, you can find all the Nova straightener models along with the latest prices on each model offered by the leading e-commerce portals.

Order it Online

Why not? It’s not a dress that you need to try on. Plus, it comes with a guarantee. What could go wrong? Once you know what you want, you can just click a few times or move your fingers on your phone's screen, and a hair straightener will be delivered to your doorstep in a few days. Shopping has never been easier.

Why Nova, You Ask?

If you want to own a brand which is a stickler for perfection and never compromises on quality, Nova is the one for you. Known all over the world for its electronic haircare products, you can be sure of making the right choice. Even in straighteners, Nova has a wide range of products to suit different requirements.

Don’t Forget to Look Out for these Features

While deciding which hair straightener you want, consider your hair texture and colouring. Temperature options vary but fortunately, all products come with heat stabilisers. Choose the size you want and the flexibility in terms of kinds of styling plates.

Price Comparison

One of the key factors to look for while buying straightener is the price of the product. With so many models and brands available out there, the prices can vary quite a bit. Moreover, with so many websites selling the same model, the variation in the price can be significant too. This is why it is important to check the prices of the model you have chosen on the various e-commerce sites to get the best deal.

The Best Place to Order Online

CompareRaja is undoubtedly the best one-stop shop for all your Nova hair styling products. Here you will find products which you might not find in stores near you. No need to open various websites to compare and contrast prices and specs. All online retailers who sell the product you need, are displayed on the same page with the latest prices and ongoing deals. Easy to operate and convenient, CompareRaja will have you hooked in no time.