Gucci Perfume Price List

Gucci Perfume Price List In India

Latest Gucci Perfume ModelsPrice
Gucci Guilty EDT For MenRs. 3,960
Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia EDT For WomenRs. 8,178
Gucci Guilty Black EDT For MenRs. 3,100
Gucci Made To Measure Pour Homme EDT For MenRs. 4,041
Gucci Guilty Studs Limited Edition EDT For MenRs. 5,120
Gucci Rush EDT For WomenRs. 3,968
Gucci Guilty Intense EDP For WomenRs. 5,592
Gucci Flora EDT For WomenRs. 3,823
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDT For MenRs. 4,410
Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose EDT For WomenRs. 12,507
Gucci perfume

An Italian luxury brand known for its range of fashion and leather products for men and women, Gucci, was founded in the year 1921. The company has been making strides right from the beginning, and they are currently one of the best fashion brands present in the market. The range of Gucci perfume for women and men provide you the best fragrances for all occasions, by keeping you fresh all day long. 

Get invaluable insights on the various aspects of Gucci range of perfumes on this page. Explore the helpful buying guide and make a great online purchase.

5 Reasons to choose Gucci perfume

A. One of the leading brands for the perfume range for both men and women.
B. Perfume fragrances are a combination of the fragrant essences from both fruit and flower source. 
C. Allergen-free perfumes that suit every skin type. 
D. High quality perfumes that provide a long lasting effect on the wearer.
E. Effective customer support team to solve the customer’s queries and needs.

Choosing from various types of Gucci perfume

Being one of the trusted fashion brands has made Gucci to come up with new perfume products for the people. Here are some of the different types of Gucci perfumes that you can get from the brand. 
  • Fragrances for women : Gucci has a wide range of fragrances for women that are a combination of the floral extracts and fruit essences. Be it the citric fragrance or the sweet floral, the eau de toilette and eau de parfum range of perfumes suits all occasions. 
  • Fragrances for men : Eau de toilette and eau de parfum range of perfumes from Gucci gives the persona of a strong personality for the man wearing the perfume. Suiting every body type, the manly fragrances also serves as the deodorant for the outdoor use. 
Choosing the right Gucci perfume
  • Eau de toilette or eau de parfum : Choose between the two depending upon the density and the strength of the perfume. For daily wear and the formal meetings, the Eau de toilette would suit. For the outdoor activities and for the parties, the eau de parfum is the best choice. 
  • Price of the perfume : It is a fact that eau de parfum range of perfumes cost more than the eau de toilette perfumes. Set a budget and choose the one that suits your style. 
  • Fruit or flower : Some perfumes come with a combination of the fruit and floral extracts while the others have them separately. If you love the smell of citric fruits or any fruit in general, the fruity fragrances will suffice, and for a sweeter and pleasant smell, the floral fragrances would do good. 
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