Babyliss Hair Straightener Price List in India

Babyliss Hair Straightener Price in India

Latest Babyliss Hair Straightener ModelsPrice
Babyliss ST387E Hair StraightenerRs. 5,439
Babyliss ST325E Hair StraightenerRs. 3,300
Babyliss ST100E Hair StraightenerRs. 8,120
Babyliss ST327E Hair StraightenerRs. 4,199
Babyliss Pro ONOMH9559 Hair StraightenerRs. 5,497
Babyliss BABNT2091T Hair StraightenerRs. 16,686
Babyliss ST389E Hair StraightenerRs. 8,599
Babyliss Pro BABNT2071 Hair StraightenerRs. 13,731
Babyliss Pro BAB9555X Hair StraightenerRs. 5,552
Babyliss Pro BABNT5073T Hair StraightenerRs. 32,654

Babyliss Hair Straighteners Prices 2018

On this page, you will find all the necessary information you will need when it comes to purchasing Babyliss Hair Straighteners. Taken from trustworthy pages such as Amazon, Flipkart and more, this information is regularly updated to ensure that the prices and features reflected on the page are correct to help you make an informed decision.

Why Buy a Hair Straightener?

Hair straighteners are extremely important when it comes to styling your hair on your own. It increases the number of hairstyles you will be able to achieve on an average day. It also negates the need of going to hair salons to get a professional look done, saving you time and money. When you are seeking to buy a hair dryer online, the best way to do so is to compare the different types and purchase the one with better deals and features.

Advantages of Buying Babyliss Hair Straighteners Online

Buying a hair straightener online is a good idea as you can find a lot more variety of products as compared to going to stores and finding a good one. It is a lot more convenient as you can purchase your favourite hair straightener with just a few clicks and with many payment options, you don't have to worry about hard cash. Also buying from trustworthy sites means you have the guarantee for your product.

Features to Look for

Look out for the power consumption features and the heat settings as it can affect your hair as well as the time you will take to style it. The maximum temperature is important too. Some straighteners are used as curlers, so check the size of the plate as well, before purchasing a straightener.

Product Price Comparison

There are many features and sizes in hair straighteners, and with Babyliss being a professional brand, the prices are a little steeper than you might have realised. However, good quality and long lasting guarantee make it worth it so make sure you go for a product within your budget.

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