Calvin Klein Perfume Price List

Calvin Klein Perfume Price List In India

Latest Calvin Klein Perfume ModelsPrice
Calvin Klein Obsessed EDP For WomenRs. 5,450
Calvin Klein Obsessed EDT For MenRs. 3,487
Calvin Klein One Gold EDT For Men WomenRs. 2,600
Calvin Klein Eternity Intense EDT For MenRs. 4,800
Calvin Klein Eternity EDT For MenRs. 3,572
Calvin Klein All EDT For Men WomenRs. 3,500
Calvin Klein Eternity Intense EDP For WomenRs. 5,350
Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria EDP For WomenRs. 6,175
Calvin Klein CK 2 EDT For Men, WomenRs. 5,188
Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2016 EDT For Men, WomenRs. 5,448
Calvin Klein Perfume 

Calvin Klein is a well-known international lifestyle brand manufacturing designer apparels, sportswear, underwear, watches, jewellery, and fragrances. Founded by Calvin Klein, the renowned fashion designer, Calvin Klein Inc., has been in the fashion scene since 1968. The company has its headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The brand has products for both men and women and has become a global trendsetter.

Calvin Klein perfumes in particular have become quite a popular choice with men and women alike. Infact, you can find various perfumes from the brand on this very page. If you are confused as to which one to pick, compare the perfumes side by side! You can go through various details like its base and mid notes and also prices that will help you make an informed decision. 

Top 5 reasons to buy Calvin Klein perfumes 
  1. Alluring fragrance.
  2. Fragrances for both men and women.
  3. The perfumes are available in various fragrance families.
  4. Excellent packaging.
  5. Perfumes for all reasons and all seasons
Different varieties of Calvin Klein Perfumes available  

Calvin Klein Perfumes come in wide varieties. Some of the most popular ones include:
  • Men’s perfumes: Calvin Klein manufactures excellent perfumes for men for all reasons and all seasons. Cologne is the most preferred perfume in the category of men’s perfumes. The notes and the fragrances are unique.
  • Women’s perfumes: Women’s perfumes from the house of Calvin Klein are exotic and make a woman feel no less than a diva. Right from romantic perfumes to floral perfumes, spicy perfumes to celebrity perfumes, there are innumerable varieties to choose from.
  • Unisex perfumes: Calvin Klein has many unisex perfumes as well, which are popular among users across the globe. Wear these fragrances and make an excellent style statement.
  • Best tips for buying Calvin Klein Perfume: The Calvin Klein brand speaks for itself. You simply cannot go wrong with CK. However, for the newbies, mentioned below are some pointers to bear in mind while selecting your CK perfume.
  • Buy as per personality of the wearer: Perfumes should be worn in sync with the personality of the wearer. This will help you pick the right fragrance when gifting. If you don’t know the person, pick general fragrances so that there are no mistakes.
  • Time of the day when the perfume will be worn: While some Calvin Klein Perfumes are exclusively for day use, some are meant for evenings and nights. You will find lovely romantic fragrances to wear on a special date night or cocktail party.
  • Price of the perfume: Calvin Klein Perfumes has so many fragrances in various budgets that you will be lost for choice. While some of them may cost a bomb, some are rather affordable. Pick a smaller bottle if you like a fragrance that is way too expensive.
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