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If you’ve been contemplating with the idea of adding stargazing to your list of hobbies, now is the right time to do so. You are lucky because the types of telescope and their accessories have never been this vast ever before. While the gamut of options provides with a lot of variety, they also make the buying process confusing and time-consuming. You can find many of the best of telescopes on CompareRaja to make the buying process simpler and quick. While there are many different models of telescopes available in the market, they are mainly divided into three categories- Reflector, Refractor and Compound. While purchasing a telescope, the most important consideration is the aperture of the scope. Aperture is the diameter of the primary optical component of a telescope, which can be a mirror or a lens. It is the aperture of a telescope that determines the resolving power and light-gathering power of a telescope. Apart from the aperture, power, magnification, focal ratio, eyepieces, mount and price are some other important considerations.

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Telescope Price in India

Latest TelescopesPrice
Celestron PowerSeeker 50AZ TelescopeRs. 4,990
Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ TelescopeRs. 6,998
Protos Silver 50mm Advance 90X 360mm Focal Reflecting TelescopeRs. 2,300
Kartique TELTRIK85 Reflecting TelescopeRs. 1,950
Protos 90X Sky and Land 50X360mm Reflecting TelescopeRs. 2,300
Artshai 16x52 Monocular Refracting TelescopeRs. 1,895
Kartique TEL12INK21 Reflecting TelescopeRs. 684
Shrih SH-5003 Astronomical Refracting TelescopeRs. 5,825
Shrih SH-1105 Astronomical Refracting TelescopeRs. 5,715
Divinext 36050 Reflecting TelescopeRs. 2,499

List of Telescope Brands

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