Solar Charge Controller Price List in India

A solar charge controller is used to ensure that a healthy amount of electric current flows from or to the batteries of a solar power system. These controllers are connected to the solar cells to control the amount of current and make sure that batteries of the system are not damaged due to excess electrical current. These charge controllers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and price range. Using CompareRaja for buying a solar charge controller online will eliminate the need to visit multiple websites in search of the cheapest offering and will also allow you to buy the best controller.Every battery needs a different amount of power to work, and the controller you choose should be able to allow you to control this power correctly. If you are new at this, it would be best to rope in an expert on this to help you get the apt charger.

Unitak Solar Charge Controller Price List Su-Kam Solar Charge Controller Price List Luminous Solar Charge Controller Price List Amberroot Solar Charge Controller Price List

Solar Charge Controller Price in India

Latest Solar Charge ControllersPrice
Luminous SCC1220NM Solar Charge ControllerRs. 1,410
Solar Idea ECO30A PWM Solar Charge ControllerRs. 1,362
Su Kam Solarcon 12 24 48V 45AMP Solar Charge ControllerRs. 4,000
Amberroot REhub 12 24 40A MPPT Solar Charge ControllerRs. 9,720
Microsol 12V40A PWM Solar Charge ControllerRs. 2,200
Microsol 12V60A PWM Solar Charge ControllerRs. 4,000
Microsol 24V30A PWM Solar Charge ControllerRs. 2,000
Unitak UNCC040096 PWM Solar Charge ControllerRs. 8,675
Unitak UNCC040180 PWM Solar Charge ControllerRs. 9,220
Unitak UNCC060072 PWM Solar Charge ControllerRs. 6,370

List of Solar Charge Controller Brands

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