Multimeter Price List in India

A multimeter is an instrument that is used to measure voltage, current as well as resistance. They are used to diagnose and troubleshoot various problems that occur in a plethora of household as well as industrial machines such as appliances and power tools. Electronic technicians, as well as engineers, use this on a daily basis. The digital multimeter is known for its high accuracy and the fact that the results are directly shown on the LCD board. It is also known for its ability to read both the negative as well as the positive values, which makes it a better fit in most places compared to the analog multimeter.The most well-known brand regarding multimeters is Fluke. They are known to be portable as well as being protected well against transient voltage. There are however brands that are just as good, such as Mastech, Unity, Meco, and Haoyue.

Fluke Multimeter Price List Mastech Multimeter Price List Metro Q Multimeter Price List Unity Multimeter Price List Vartech Multimeter Price List

Multimeter Price in India

Latest MultimetersPrice
Fluke 101 Digital MultimeterRs. 2,699
Fluke 302 Plus Digital MultimeterRs. 5,350
Mextech M266 Digital MultimeterRs. 699
HTC DM97 Digital MultimeterRs. 1,749
HTC CM 2030 Digital MultimeterRs. 869
Fluke 362 Digital MultimeterRs. 4,994
Metro Q MTQ 555 Digital MultimeterRs. 1,047
Fluke 179 Digital MultimeterRs. 19,800
Meco 153B Plus TRMS Digital MultimeterRs. 2,275
Fluke 287 Digital MultimeterRs. 59,900

List of Multimeter Brands

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