Microphone Price List in India

In technical terms, a microphone (also called as mic) is an acoustic-to-electric transducer or sensor that converts sound into an electrical signal. In fact, the microphone is also called as the musician’s closest friend – merely because of the proximity and the functions. All musicians – novices and professionals – carry one or more microphones in their bags. These portable devices are high on utility and enhance the performance of the musicians and singers. With the advent of wireless technology, microphones also got a complete makeover. Today, you will not find any tangled wires attached to the microphone and these are most preferred for presentations and conferences. Standard microphones are generally used when the speaker is fixed at one place, but the wireless ones are used when the speaker has to move from one place to another on the podium. Among the wireless microphone systems, you will find the Handheld Wireless Mic Systems, Headset Wireless Mic Systems, Lavalier Wireless Mic Systems Instrument Wireless Systems, and the In-Ear Wireless Systems.

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Microphone Price in India

Latest MicrophonesPrice
Krown Beta 57 XLR MicrophoneRs. 595
Ahuja ADM-511 MicrophoneRs. 1,200
Ahuja AUD-100XLR MicrophoneRs. 1,240
Ahuja AWM 630VG MicrophoneRs. 4,330
AudioTechnica ATR3350 MicrophoneRs. 2,090
Shure BLX14 CVL Lapel MicrophoneRs. 26,000
Ahuja Tie Clip Collar MicrophoneRs. 759
Ahuja AUD-54 MicrophoneRs. 440
Persang PK 8160 MicrophoneRs. 13,990
Shure SV100 MicrophoneRs. 1,450

List of Microphone Brands

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