Headphone And Headset Price List in India

You must have seen people walking on the road, humming the tune of some pleasing song? Or maybe watching a film on their tablet/smartphone/laptop as they travel in the train? What all these merrymakers have in common is the piece of tech on their heads that allows them to listen to music and other things without having to bother the surrounding people with the noise! Headphones and headsets have become an essential part of everyone’s backpack, thanks to its portability, and utility in entertaining the user. Headphones are primarily used for listening to music, or watching a film without disturbing anyone else. A headset, on the other hand, also has a microphone incorporated that allows the user to not only listen but also talk. Headphones are circumaural which means that they block outside noise completely, while a headset is supraaural, allowing the user to listen to outside sounds as well. Essentially, both the devices are used for private listening.

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Headphone And Headset Price in India

Latest Headphones And HeadsetsPrice
JBL C100Si Wired HeadphonesRs. 699
Samsung Level U Wireless HeadphonesRs. 897
Sennheiser CX 275s Wired HeadsetRs. 1,724
Sony MDR ZX110A Wired HeadphonesRs. 649
BoAt Rockerz 400 Wireless HeadphoneRs. 1,399
Motorola Pulse Max Over Wired HeadphoneRs. 1,099
JBL T450 Wired HeadphoneRs. 1,499
JBL T250SI Wired HeadphoneRs. 799
Flipkart SmartBuy V23MM Wired HeadphoneRs. 349
Skullcandy S2IKDY 010 Wired HeadsetRs. 999

List of Headphone And Headset Brands

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