Police Watch Price List

Police Watch Price List In India

Latest Police Watch ModelsPrice
Police PL14217JSBN61J WatchRs. 5,589
Police PL14495MSG08MJ Analog WatchRs. 7,995
Police PL14628BS04MJ WatchRs. 6,894
Police PL14717JSTR07MJ Analog WatchRs. 8,428
Police PL14632BSR32MJ Anlaog WatchRs. 7,187
Police PL14383JSTR03MJ Analog WatchRs. 11,702
Police PL14623LSG04MJ WatchRs. 6,987
Police PL14540JSTU65MJ Analog WatchRs. 10,601
Police PL14628BSTG12MJ WatchRs. 7,661
Police PL14632BSG06MJ WatchRs. 5,243

Police is an Italian accessory brands by the De Rigo Group. De Rigo SpA is a world leader in the design, production and distribution of high-end eyewear and sunwear. It was founded in 1978 by the brothers Ennio and Walter De Rigo as a small company of artisans. The group's products are distributed in approximately 80 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and the Americas, through 15 companies with 18 business divisions and over 100 independent distributors. Police, the De Rigo Group's house brand, was launched in Italy in 1983 as unisex eyewear and a metropolitan manifesto for those who set out to get noticed.

The brand name Police evokes the feeling of authority, responsibility and the sense of protection in younger generation. The group believes that Police is an attitude that comes from within. Police watches have a large collection of trendy, yet sophisticated Police men's watches. The Police watch collection has a design to suit every man. These watches are available in a variety of high quality materials such as stainless steel, silicone and leather. Since 2003, Police have evolved their watch styles and features, particularly with the Hydro Timepiece with its colour lenses and the illumination of watch features in the dark.

Police has almost 50 designs in watches and every watch has 2-3 colour variants. So one can choose from an amazing range of more than 100 watches. Most of the watches are waterproof. There are watches with simple, classy dial, with date and there are also watches with dynamic display with date, month and day display. Most of the watches have 2 hands but there are some which have the third one as well. All the watches are for people with different taste. There are sporty watches with a bit of casual tone to it and there is also a collection called Governor which are absolutely chic and formal wear watches.